So You Think You Can Dance: Who Should Go Home?
As we reported on Friday, the rumors are flying all over the internet.  Who got eliminated on Thursday's episode of So You Think You Can Dance? FOX did the elimination in secret so no one knows for sure.  Everyone, however, has an opinion on who should go.  At this point in the competition, you have to feel like everyone deserves to be there.  They went through a rigorous audition process and, out of thousands, became some of the top 20 dancers in the country.  Yet, now it's time to get serious and determine who really deserves the win?  Let's start with the females.

I put Lacey third in last week's rankings.  As I said, I know she's a great dancer but she's a bit too one-dimension for me with the use of her sexiness to get her far.  That's not to say that that ain't showbiz because it is.  But this competition should be about more than being sexy.  The readers weighed in on Lacey and Kuja said, "I think Nigel's favorite is Lacey but I do not think Lacey deserves to win. She is not as good as her brother."  Soccerplayer defended her by saying, "Lacey is amazing, no matter what anybody says. Nigel even said she was better than Benji, which is saying something since he was the winner last year."

Also ranking third, for me, was Pasha, who hasn't shown enough diversity  to really prove himself to be the clear winner.  LoveDanny was in agreement, posting on BuddyTV, "If this was only about partnering Pasha would be sitting pretty, but he doesn't have the steps in his solos. He should be trying to incorporate what he's learned over the weeks that's his only hope."  There are Pasha fans out there, of course.  Yani cheers, "Pasha's got my vote!" while Srry said, "I think Pasha does amazing on his solos by himself."

So who is going home?  Will it be as I predicted or did America have another plan?  Regardless of the results, they're sure to cause waves among the BuddyTV readers.  So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT as the final four are named.  The two-night finale airs Wednesday and Thursday and a new winner will be crowned.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)