So You Think You Can Dance: Who will be the next eliminated?
With the American Idols and So You Think You Can Dances of the world, you rarely get controversial decisions early in the season.  There tends to be some proverbial fat that needs to be trimmed.  If you have 20 finalists, most of the time a rational person will be able to point out 10 of those contestants and say “they have absolutely zero chance of winning this thing.”  Weirdly, this doesn't seem to be the case with the 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance.  Four quality dancers, four people who appeared to have top 10 or top five potential, have been kicked to the curb.  You'd think this would be regarded as a travesty.  It hasn't been, mostly because every dancer in the top 20 is so damn good.

Last season on So You Think You Can Dance, there was a clear hierarchy.  Not so much this year.  Perhaps this is because the season is young and the dancers haven't been given ample opportunity to separate themselves from the pack.  This week should be telling.  Will Dominic and Sarah keep improving outside of their native hip-hop?  Will Cedric show he can dance with a partner?  Who will perform worst in a genre that is foreign to them?  And, most importantly, who will be eliminated? 

For the ladies, it comes down to two dancers: Shauna and Jaimie.  I haven't been at all impressed with what Jaimie has brought to the table.  However, it looked as if last week the judges were prepared to send Shauna home up until she came out and dominated her solo routine.  If either of those two perform poorly and are relegated to the bottom three, I think they are going home.  If they both perform well, it's totally up in the air.  Depending on who does what, no one is completely safe, which makes sense; this early in the competition - no one should have a free pass.

For the guys, it's all about Cedric.  All eyes are on him, considering that he should have been eliminated by the judges last week.  If they were basing their decision on performance rather than potential, that is.  Nigel told Cedric in as clear a way as he could: his solo routine, spectacular as it may be, will not save him this week.  He has to show huge improvement in his partner routine, or else he's gone.  If Cedric miraculously improves, then it's a complete toss-up.

Prediction: Cedric and Jaimie are eliminated on Thursday. 

What do you think?

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)