So You Think You Can Dance: What The Hell, Judges?
Okay, I’m going to take issue with So You Think You Can Dance. As I’ve been saying, I’m a big hater of the preliminary audition round. I always loved the Hollywood round for Idol and the Vegas round for So You Think You Can Dance. What I hate is the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus freak show they parade around us for weeks on end in the beginning of each season. All the judges do is complain and moan that these talentless “dancers” are wasting their time yet, those same judges are well aware of the format of the show and agree to sit through the bad auditions. When a talented dancer, with superb technical ability, walked on stage last night, you think the judges would’ve been happy. Instead, they showed him the door and left viewers scratching their heads.

Anthony Bryant should have been put through straight to Vegas. There, I said it. He tried out in a previous season and was cut for being too feminine. Since we’ve last seen him, he graduated from Julliard in just three years, something that is extremely difficult to do. He showed up, on last night’s episode, wearing a full camouflaged outfit. That must have been his way of showing everyone that he was masculine now. It probably wasn’t a good idea but there was still no denying this guy’s talent.

Despite his incredible technique, the judges still felt that something was off about him and put him in the choreography round. I would like to say that, just a few minutes earlier, the judges put Phucdat Nguyen (yeah, that’s his name) through to choreography as well. These two people were not even in the same league. At the end of Travis Wall’s routine, the judges sent both of them back where they came from. Clearly, they had something against Anthony Bryant because he absolutely should have been put through to Vegas.

I’m not saying I’m a fan of him, his personality, or the way he handled things. However, I’d be upset too, if I were him. He knew that he deserved to be in the company of the others that the judges put through and he was denied for a second time and given no explanation. I’d love to know why he didn’t move on but his final three words outside of the theater probably didn’t help his case for any future auditions with the show!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)