'So You Think You Can Dance' Week 2: Four Dancers Go Home
'So You Think You Can Dance' Week 2: Four Dancers Go Home
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After last week's shocking lack of elimination, week 2 became fated as a bloodbath. Instead of the normal two dancers facing elimination, four of the season 8 So You Think You Can Dance performers would be done. No avoiding it this time!

But who are the eliminated dancers?

After the first night of dancing, there definitely were not four dancers that seemed worthy of elimination. How could there be when everyone has been dancing so well?

Somehow, a combination of viewer voting and judging opinion take care of all of these eliminations. We here at BuddyTV try (and usually fail) to predict where such decisions will fall. According to this week's BuddyTV Reader's Poll, 41 percent of BuddyTV readers think that cha-cha deficient Wadi is doomed to elimination. Clarice and Jess each received a sizable minority of the votes (24 and 21 percent apiece) for elimination. Jordan, Ashley and Iveta also picked up a few elimination votes apiece.

I just have to say, after last week, that I have absolutely no faith in such predictions.
So let's just find out the results for ourselves!

What kind of cocktails does Cat drink that they automatically give her a headache? She may need to try weaker drinks.

Are there a bunch of Catholic schoolgirls on the stage now? Oh no. The plaid comes from shorts. We seem to be doing a dance interpretation of the Magritte-Thomas Crown Affair thing with the bowler hats. Except for the lighting -- which seems determined to not let us see anything more than shadows and spotlights -- this is cool. Hey, which dancer got the briefcase? And will everybody else ever make it off the stage at that speed? The dance was choreographed by Dave Scott.

It sounds like tonight's guest performances will be from Rage Crew and LMFAO.

But first, some RESULTS!

The first dancers we get to either scare or relieve are Sasha and Alexander, Caitlynn and Mitchell, Missy and Wadi.

Missy and Wadi are in the bottom three.

Caitlynn and Mitchell are SAFE!

Sasha and Alexander are SAFE!

So that's one couple in the bottom three and two couples safe. What's to come?

Apparently what's coming is a woman who goes through the contestants' fridge and then shills energy products. Yay! Commercials integrated into the television show! Who needs ad breaks?

I hope the dancers got paid for this segment.

Whatever. More RESULTS now!

This time, the dancers up are Miranda and Robert, Melanie and Marko.

Both couples -- Miranda and Robert, Melanie and Marko -- are SAFE!

Which means we now move to Jordan and Tadd, Iveta and Nick.

Jordan and Tadd are SAFE!

Iveta and Nick are in the bottom three.

Rage Crew and LMFAO seem to be next on the SYTYCD menu.

Or maybe not. We're getting more of the RESULTS instead. That's OK. Results are better.

The next group on the chopping block: Ashley and Chris, Ryan and Ricky, Clarice and Jess.

Ashley and Chris are SAFE!

Ryan and Ricky are in the bottom three.

Clarice and Jess are SAFE!

Obviously, it's really, really, really not a good idea to perform first on this show. It's hard to imagine that Ryan and Ricky would be in the bottom three otherwise. Oh well.

Anyway, it's time for the Rage Crew performance. They're pretty darn good. Especially when you consider that some of them look to be about six years old. (Yes, I know they're probably older.)

Time for the solos!

Wadi is first. He begins with some steps that almost make him look like a tap dancer. Lots of cool flips and neat choreography.

Missy is second. Her solo seems to going the sexy and very-aggressive route. It looks good...

Nick is the third dancer. Tap shoes! And a spin that looks like what ice skaters do. He certainly knows how to match up with music, doesn't he?

Iveta is the be-fringed fourth dancer. This looks to be some sort of Latin-ballroom thing. Unfortunately, ballroom dancing never looks quite right on its own. Still good though.

Commercial time!

Back from commercials...

Ricky has the fifth solo. He looks very long and flexible in this dancing. That's a lot of leaping.

Ryan is up last. And she immediately falls on her back. But in a planned, artistic way that would cause me immense bodily harm if I tried. Very impressive and angsty-looking solo.

Based on those (and my own personal opinions), I'm going to go with Ryan and Nick to stay. But I could be wrong. In fact, I probably am. That's OK.

LMFAO (backed by Quest (or however that's spelled)) are performing while the judges make their tough decisions.

Time for the final RESULTS now!

First up, it's the girls. After much deliberation, the saved girl is Ryan!

This means that Missy Morelli and Iveta Lukosiute have been eliminated!

The boys are next. Ricky turns out to be the saved dancer!

Which means that Nick Young and Wadi Jones have been eliminated!

Ouch. That's a lot of good dancers gone.

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What do you think? Did the right dancers make it through? Are you upset about any of the eliminations? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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