So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 Performance Show Recap
After watching tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, everyone will likely be talking about Mia Michaels' emotional contemporary routine.  That's valid.  It was a great routine, emotional and well-executed.  But, for my money, there were two others that I believed were even better.  The top eight all received new partners this week, and after last week's unnecessary solo routines, the producers wisely scrapped that idea.  This week, each couple performed two separate routines, and it led to an all-around better 90-minutes of television. Adam Shankman, director of Hairspray came back as guest judge. 

Sara von Gilern and Danny Tidwell – Argentine Tango and Hip/Hop

This duo was poised for some great things the second they were paired together.  Unfortunately, one of the dances they were given was hip/hop, which is Danny's kryptonite.  First, let's talk tango.  These two kicked off the show tonight with an incredible Argentine Tango, a dance that I would consider the second best of the night.  Sexy and technically excellent, Sara continues to impress with her versatility.  The judges loved the routine.  Their hip/hop performance was not nearly as impressive.  They were sloppy, not dancing together, and Danny did not look at all comfortable.  The judges rough them up, basically saying that it wasn't good enough for this stage of the competition.

Lauren Gottleib and Dominic Sandoval – Krump and Rumba

You know what, I'm not a big fan of Krump.  Love hip/hop, not all that into Krump.  Lauren and Dominic's routine wasn't good, at least according to the judges, but I wasn't a huge fan.  There's nothing bad I can point to as to why I didn't like it, it just didn't do it for me.  However, their Rumba routine was money.  It was my favorite of the night, and not just because Lauren was scantily-clad and sexy as all hell.  Well, I guess that was a big part of the reason: this was probably the sexiest routine of the season.  It was a classy sexiness, though, an elegant one, and the routine was great. 

Lacey Schwimmer and Neil Haskell – Latin Jazz and Contemporary

The biggest discrepancy in routines tonight came from these two, who sucked it up on the first dance and got the highest praise for their second.  The first dance was Latin Jazz and the two had zero chemistry.  It was a cool routine that could have way better if the two didn't seem like they were dancing by themselves.  The judges really didn't like it at all.  Now, for their second routine, they came across a can't miss situation: Mia Michaels choreographed an extremely emotional routine about her going to meet her deceased father in heaven.  Mia cried a lot, Mary cried after seeing the routine, Nigel and Shankman gave it so much love it was incredible.  The dance was good, and emotional, but it didn't look all that difficult.  I guess the dancers had to inhabit their characters and all, but I wasn't as impressed as everyone else.  Still, a great routine.

Sabra Johnson and Pasha Kovalev – Broadway and Quick Step

The most consistent couple of the night.  Sabra and Pasha were very good in both routines, receiving a lot of praise from each judge on their routines.  The Broadway number was very energetic and fast-moving, and was expertly performed.  The Quick Step was the same.  Fast paced and extremely well-performed.  Sabra might have turned herself into the favorite with her performances tonight.  They were incredible.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer(Image Courtesy of RealityTV Magazine)