So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Results Show Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
 For the final 10 contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, their fates are in America's hands.  The at-home voting is all that matters, and the male and female dancer with the lowest number of votes will be heading home.  The results show opens with the group dance, a weird, primal, animalistic dance with plenty of exciting moves.  It's pretty decent, and the Imogen Heap song helps a whole lot.

This segues into an awkward segment where the judges apologize for some fake controversy.  If you remember when Simon Cowell was forced to explain his unintentional eye-roll during Chris Richardson's speech about the school shooting at Virginia Tech, then you'll realize this is about 50 times as uncomfortable.  Guest judge Mia Michaels, apparently, wore a jacket with an upside-down flag on it.  Man, the conservative bloggers must have been paying closer attention than me, because I don't remember it at all.  She says she meant no disrespect, she loves the country, supports the troops and that a friend gave her the jacket at the last minute.  So she apologizes, but also makes sure we know it's not her fault.

We then get Nigel Lythgoe's explanation of the Wade Robson choreography for the solo performances on Wednesday.  The message was peace, or anti-war, and some people may have taken this as being unpatriotic.  Lythgoe assures everyone this is not true.  He gives the obvious defense that being against the idea of war in general does not mean you don't support America and its troops in Iraq.  The problem is that whoever is complaining about this made-up controversy has undoubtedly heard this argument before, and it will not change their minds.  Even more absurd, isn't this supposed to be a fun, summer dancing show?  Because write now I feel like I'm writing an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

Anyway, they wrap that up, then it's on to the results.  But first, a performance by Mika.  Last night in my Live Thoughts, I was quite mean about this guy, saying I'd never heard of him.  That's not entirely true, as I was unaware this is the same guy who sang that "Grace Kelly" song.  For about two months, my best friend would sing, in the same pronunciation as the song, "I try to be like Grace Kell-ay" every time I spoke to her.  Maybe he's the kind of artist who grows on you after time.

Anyway, onto the results.  First, Cat calls up the ladies.  The bottom two, headed to the "Danger Zone," are Jaimie and Lauren.  Jaimie was half of the worst-reviewed pairs performance, the Spanish-themed Viennese Waltz.  Why Laurne is here isn't quite clear, as the judges liked her, and her hip hop. skeleton Transformers routine with Pasha was pretty freaking awesome.  For the men, it's kind of easy to call, as Kameron and Dominic are sent to the Danger Zone.  They were the ones most criticized by the judges, so that should come as no shock to anyone.

Then it's solo dance time, though since the decision is entirely based on America's vote, these have absolutely no impact on the outcome.  Still, they do there best, and it's a lot more entertaining than the solos from the performance show, due to the fact that they're all different and wearing different clothes.  The highlight could be Dominic, who spins on his head for about 20 seconds.  From a purely scientific standpoint, I don't understand how what he did is physically possible.

Time for the cut, and the judges are quite sad to have to send anyone home (even when they don't make the decision, it's trying for them).  Jaimie is the first person eliminated, which is a shame.  She wasn't particularly bad, and a lot of this can probably be laid on her partner Dominc, who the judges tore apart during the critique.  Ironically, Cat moves to the men and it's not Dominic, but rather Kameron who gets sent home.  As Oscar Dahl wrote here on Wednesday, Kameron got "verbally punched in the sternum" by the judges.for his pairs performance, and that took the wind out of his sails.

After suffering through weeks of Sanjaya on American Idol, it's unusual to see a reality show where America listens to the judges and vote out who the judges think should go.  Next week - the top 8!

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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