So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Performance Show Recap
This was the big transition episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  Everyone received a new partner and the format changes for the rest of the season.  Each couple performed there partner routine as per usual, but a solo routine was added for each individual dancer.  And, from here on out, the judges no longer have a say in the eliminations.  America will vote for individual dancers, and the guy and girl with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated.  The guest judge tonight was Mia Michaels. 

The solo routine system was a bit odd.  Wade Robson choreographed one solo and every dancer then performed the same routine.  I won't recap each individual performance of the solo because the solo wasn't all that interesting.  It was performed, by every dancer, to the same John Mayer song.  None of the dancers were that much better or that much worse than anyone else.  The partner routines were much more interesting. 

Pasha Kovalev and Lauren Gottlieb – Hip/Hop

Everyone in America was worried about how Pasha would adapt to a hip/hop routine.  Mia Michaels even said that she was horrified when she heard that Pasha would be dancing some hip/hop.  Thankfully, Pasha and Lauren surprised everyone.  Lauren is a solid hip/hop dancer, and she and Pasha performed well together.  They were dressed up in skeleton costumes, which was kind of cool and a little silly, but it worked.  It was a Shane Sparks routine, and that was always solid. 

Sabra Johnson and Kameron Bink – Contemporary

Yikes.  Kameron got verbally punched in the sternum tonight.  The routine was really pretty lame, a boring, blah dance that didn't do anything for me.  The judges absolutely loved Sabra and praise her in every facet.  Kameron, though, receives the worst criticisms of the night.  Mia says he was “exposed”.  I couldn't really tell, but the judges seem adamant that Kameron was terrible.  I'll trust them.

Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell – Samba

Lacey is really, really good.  We've established this.  So, it was no surprise that she was impeccable technically, while being sexy and personable at the same time.  I liked the routine, which was choreographed by Dmitry from last season.  Danny, on the other hand, got mixed reviews.  My opinion, regarding Danny, was that he was better than he has been all season. 

Jaimie Goodwin and Dominic Sandoval – Viennese Waltz

Another disappointment.  The theme of the night continues: the girl is praised and the guy is criticized.  Jaimie was actually great, dancing as she has throughout the season.  The judges have loved her throughout the season, and I hope America agrees.  Dominic suffered his worst blow of the season.  The waltz is not a good dance for Dominic, or any hip/hop dancer, and she shows his inexperience in ballroom.  The judges give him as nice of criticisms as they can, but they are criticisms nonetheless.

Sara Von Gillern and Neil Haskell – Disco

These two are on the rise.  I'm a huge fan of what Sarah has done throughout the season and she continues to impress, adapting to new genres of dance.  This disco routine showed off Neil's athletic ability and was an all-around good time.  Fun is the word that we should focus on.  The routine is fun.  The judges all loved it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)