So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Performance Show, Live Thoughts
Down to the final ten on So You Think You Can Dance.  It's happened rather quickly, hasn't it?  After the bloated journey that is American Idol, it's a little weird have a show with an almost identical format move along so much more swiftly than Idol.  These dancers are all nursing injuries at this point in the season, be them minor or major, and it's incredible how well they mask it.  Tonight will be the first night of brand new partners across the board, so it should be very interesting. Not only will each new couple perform a routine, but each dancer will also do their own solo, each choreographed, presumably, by Wade Robson.  I'll be here all night updating all the action live.

Oh, and don't forget, from here on out, it's down to America.  Those with the lowest vote totals go home, simple as that.  Voting will be done on an individual basis, not on couples.  The judges have no pressure anymore.

Silly intro dances, commence! Dominic is the most impressive.  I hate the strut they do when they're called forward as a group.  Really sticks in my craw. 

Cat is heavily mascara-ed tonight.  The effect is quite pleasing.   Mia Michaels is the guest judge tonight.  Indifference washes over me.

Early commercial break. Crazy.

Pasha and Lauren kick off the show with a hip/hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks.  They both wear skeleton outfits, which was sweet.  I'm a fan of skeletons.  What can I say?  It was a really good routine, nothing ground-breaking, but solid.  Pasha wouldn't seem like a man who hip/hop would come easy to, but he pulls it off admirably.  The judges are all impressed by the routine.

Jaimie is the first to perform the solo to a John Mayer song, you know the one, and I can't say it's a bad routine.  She has a peace sign stenciled onto her shirt.  Good routine.  Jaimie's always good at her solos, and she didn't hurt herself here.

Dominic performs the solo routine, wearing the peace sign, and he's really good.

Sabra and new partner Kameron will be performing a Tyce DiOrio contemporary routine.  They dance to a version “Amazing Grace”.  Kameron looks like a cult member in his all-white linen outfit.  It was a fairly blah routine for me, nothing all that special.  Nigel likes it.  Mary and Mia both really call out Kameron.  Mia even says that the routine “exposed” Kameron.  Everyone loves Sabra, however.  I would agree. 

Next up for the solo is Sarah.    She is good, but not better or worse than anyone else. This will be a constant theme.

Pasha comes out to dance his solo.  I'm sorry, but this whole “all ten dancers perform the same solo routine to the same John Mayer song” is frying my brain. 

Lacey and Danny are paired up, which should be very interesting.  They'll be dancing a Samba routine.That's probably going to be the best routine of the night.  This is Lacey's wheelhouse, and she just kills it.  Danny continues the momentum of last week and acquits himself nicely.  Lacey is really, really good.  Mary doesn't really like what Danny brought to the table, but overall the reviews are very positive.

Lauren dances the solo.  As good as it might be, this solo stuff is getting really old.

Neil dances his solo.  It's as good as the rest.  Sabra quickly follows and she's good too.  And then we go to commercial.

Kameron comes back strong after his verbal abuse from the judges and performs his solo well.

Jaimie is teamed up with Dominic and they'll be performing the Viennese Waltz.  This should be interesting.  For me, that was pretty darn good.  Dominic's dancing diversity is amazing.  Nigel uses the phrase “over-egg the pudding”.  Nigel is really disappointing with the hamminess of Dominic.  Mary and Mia also agree that the lines and technique was terrible.  So, again, I have no idea what I'm talking about.  The judges are pretty brutal. 

Lacey dances the solo.  She's good.  Danny puts the solo out of his misery, as he's the last to perform the solo.

Sara and Neil are the final couple tonight, and they'll be dancing a solo.  I'm rooting for these guys.  And, it's an awesome disco routine.  Neil shows off some ridiculous athleticism and Sarah continues to impress.  The judges all love the routine.  Neil has really come on over the past few weeks and Sara has been good all season. 

And, that's it.  Kameron seems the likeliest to be sent home, but Dominic disappointed as well.  We'll see tomorrow night. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)