So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results Show Recap
Yesterday was a monumental day for the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.  A  spot on the 50 or so date So You Think You Can Dance tour was at stake: the two eliminated dancers would be the final two cut before the tour line-up was set.  Knowing this was the case, the six dancers forced to perform solos did so with an air of desperation.  You can't particularly blame them for performing this way.  Making the top 10 is a big deal.   As it turned out, one of the eliminated contestants was an expected choice, the other not so much. 

The opening group routine had to be the weakest of the year.  It was a Swing routine choreographed by the French-Canadian dude, and was the kind of thing you'd see at a high school musical.  The level of difficulty was incredibly low, or so it seemed to the untrained eye.  Perhaps it was more difficult than it seemed.  After the routine, Cat got right to the results.  The bottom three couples were:

Anya and Danny
Neil and Lauren
Hok and Jaimie

Wade is very upset that Neil and Jaimie are in the bottom three, just as all the judges are upset that Danny and Anya are in the bottom, as well.  Someone had to be there, a smart man would argue.  So, the solos.  There wasn't much special to discuss.  Jaimie was very, very good, jumping around and showing off her athletic prowess.  Anya showed once again that her strength does not lie in the solo routine.  She was okay.  Lauren performed incredibly well, much better than any of her previous solos and it was probably the thing that saved her.  Hok was awesome, but one could sense the desperation in his routine.  Neil jumped around and spun a lot.  He's athletic, but the routine was un-creative.  Danny was Danny: the judges love his solos. 

Before the judges make their final, brutal decisions, we get not one, but two separate live performances.  The first is by Jason Samuel Smith professional tap dancer.  What more can you say, except that the man was incredibly good at tap-dancing.  I'm no tap expert, and am therefore unable to discern between good, great and transcendent tap performances.  I'm guessing this one was merely “great”.  Next, Mr. Anna Kournikova (Enrique Iglesias) performs one of his new songs.  Thankfully, he's not lip-syncing (*cough* Hilary Duff *cough* Fergie), but that doesn't stop the song from sucking. 

The judges arrive on stage (late, in fact, and Cat has to fill about 30 seconds of dead time) and cut the lady first.  They were not unanimous on this one: Anya Garnis was eliminated.  That's a tough one, because she had been quite good in all of her partner routines (except for hip/hop), but her solos were never all that good.   Next, for the men, the inevitable comes: Hok Konishi was eliminated.

Later today, we'll have exclusive interviews with both Hok and Anya.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer (Image Courtesy of FOX)