So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Performance Show, Live Thoughts
Time for another ginormously garagantuan two-hour episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  They probably don't need the whole two hours (well, they definitely don't) but FOX doesn't care: everyone's still watching.  The top 16 are full of great dancers, but diverse.  Who will fail in a style outside their comfort zone?  Who will underwhelm in a genre in their wheelhouse?  Will Cedric step it up, or show his lack of partnering skills once again?  I'll be here through the whole two hours giving my live thoughts during the show.

I'm so annoyed by how much I like the So You Think You Can Dance theme song.  I always start tapping my feet unconsciously and it pisses me off.  It's a silly song.

The dancers do their silly five second intro dances.  Highlights: Jaimie's wearing ridiculous hair, Lacey plays air guitar, and a number of the ladies wear far too much makeup.

Cat Deeley is a giant compared to the dancers.

Debbie Allen is introduced as the special guest judge for this week only.  Debbie is a Renaissance woman, directing, acting, producing, choreographing, and running a prestigious dance academy.  She's legit.

Debbie gives some love to this season's batch of dancers.  It'd be funny of she ripped them to shreds, wouldn't it?

Mary Murphy's neck line is treacherously low.  She's showing shoulder cleavage and wearing a pearl necklace.  And she's in loooooove with Dominic.

Nice, we get some fairly naughty innuendo from Nigel regarding Cat.  Mary loses it.  Doesn't take much to send Mary into a fit of hysterical laughter.

We begin the night with a little Krumping from Sarah and Jesus.  This should be right up Sarah's alley.

Sarah graduated Colorado State with a degree in Journalism and wants to write about dance.  Wow, it's rare when you get a contestant on this show who doesn't want to dance for a living.  Good for her.

Lil' C, a creator of krump, is creating a routine for Sarah and Jesus.

And, here they go.

Really cool routine.  Not as “hard” as I remember krumping being.  Sarah was better than Jesus, obviously, but Jesus was pretty good.  But, Sarah was something else.

Debbie gives some well-thought praise, Mary screeches unintelligibly.  Nigel loves it.

Shauna says she wants to be a techno singer.  That's easily one of the weirdest things I've ever heard.

And Cedric wants to be a toymaker.  What the hell is going on?

The two new partners will be dancing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine.  This might not be the best genre for Cedric.  He needs a great performance here to stick around.

Like all Mia Michael's routines it is quite bizarre.  And also a little bit unfair, because it is clear that Mia created the routine specifically for Cedric.  It was great, though.

Mia is crying her eyes out in the crowd.  Cedric was allowed to do his thing on this routine, which was an emotional routine, requiring a ton of emotion from both dancers.  Shauna was awesome, but Cedric was still awkward in anything that wasn't styled directly towards his strengths. 

Mary calls out both Mia for hiding Cedric's flaws on the routine.

Cedric invokes the big G word, saying that God put him on this show for a reason.  Nigel thinks that Cedric will go home tonight.  Cedric is getting a TON OF SCREENTIME.  Perhaps too much. 

Debbie Allen offers a scholarship to Cedric at her dance academy.  Well, that's sweet of her.

Up next is Lacey and Kameron.  Lacey just wants to dance.  So does Kameron.  They love dancing.

They'll be dancing the Quick Step.  This is always a tough one.

Man, the quick step is a silly little dance, isn't it?  Doesn't look like much fun to do, very stiff and uncomfortable.

Saying that, Lacey and Kameron are very good, the chemistry is there and they seem to knock the routine out of the park.

Lacey looks like a completely different person with make-up on.

Is it me, or is Mary's neck line plunging? Ahhhhh!!!  Make it stop!!!

The judges are universally positive.

Anya and Danny will be dancing to a Dan Karaty hip/hop routine next.  Anya wants to set up an animal shelter.  Not a bad dream.

Neither of these two are hip hop dancers, so this should be interesting.

They dance to a sweet Timbaland song.

Ehh, that wasn't all that good.  They weren't very together.  The choreography was cool, but the dancing was sloppy.  These two clearly aren't hip/hop dancers.  It picked up a bit near the end, but I think this is going to put them in the bottom three.

Wow, the judges are giving them a ton of love.  What do I know, I guess.

Okay, okay, Nigel backs me up.  He wasn't a big fan of the routine.

Sabra and Dominic, the golden couple of the show so far this season, are up next, dancing the rumba.

Sabra says she wants to be a stand-up comic.  Hmm.

Hey, it's Jean-Marc, my favorite French-Canadian choreographer ever, is creating a special rumba for Dom and Sabra.  They have a difficult time in practice.  This might not be very good.

Good God, do they have to dance to a freaking Pussycat Dolls song.  Ech.

It's a very sensual routine.  The level of difficulty wasn't too high, but they did a pretty great job overall.  Far better than what could be expected of them.

Debbie loves Dominic.  Everybody does.

The judges shower loads of praise.

Will someone hose down Mary Murphy?

Lauren and Neil hit the stage next.  Lauren wants to be in NASA.  Be in space.  That is somewhat ambitious.

Tonight, they'll be performing the tango.

Lauren had the flu on the day of rehearsals.  The dance is a cat and mouse routine. We'll see what that entails.

Chairs are used as props early in the dance.  I approve.

Neil and Lauren are both great dancers, and the routine was good, but not their best.  It was supposed to be a sexy routine, but I didn't buy the chemistry from Neil.  Lauren is hot, it should be easy for Neil.

The judges thought it was sloppy.  Mary is down on the routine a bit.  Nigel likes it and applauds the guys on this season for “dancing like dudes.”  Is that a knock on last year's guys? 

Jaimie and Hok will be dancing next, performing a jazz routine.  Hok is an artist when he doesn't dance.  We see some of his stuff and it's not bad.

Hok is going to have to step it up this week or he'll be on the chopping block.

Wade Robson is choreographing the routine, and he says that it's not really a a jazz piece, but a ballet about a hummingbird and a flower.  Sweet; that's are my favorite kind of jazz/ballet hybrid dance.

Okay, they really are acting like a hummingbird (Hok) and a flower (Jaimie).  I'm not a big fan of the super-interpretive stuff.  But it gets better after the beginning, becoming more of a real dance routine.  None of it is jazz, though.

Jaimie's hair makes her look like an extra on “Sprockets”.

Debbie loves the routine.  As does Mary.  As does Nigel.

Pasha's dream is to see his mom and brother again.  He hasn't seen them in ten years.  Wow.

Pasha and Jessi are up last.  These two are probably my favorite couple.  They'll be dancing the Cha Cha.  Could be fun.

Uh oh.  Earlier in the morning during practices, Jessi felt weak, collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital.

Crazy.  Jessi's been ordered to rest and won't be able to perform.  Pasha still gets to dance though, but with the choreographer's assistant who is....uh...plump.  Let's just say that going from Jessi to her is a shock to the system.

This is weird.  The assistant is an amazing dancer, but it is still weird.

Pasha rips up the dance, though.  The judges love what Pasha did out there.

Wow, if Jessi is available tomorrow, she will be dancing for her life, regardless of whether Pasha is voted into the bottom two or not.  Hopefully, she's okay.

And that's the end.  Who do you think should be sent home tomorrow?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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