So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 Performance Show - Live Thoughts
With last week's elimination of partners Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palomino, there will be no need for the reshuffling of partnerships, so we'll get to see how the various dancing duos have evolved since week one, and how they are able to transition from one dance genre to another on a week-to-week basis.  The 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance has thus far been impressive, mostly because of the high level of talent the season has produced.  But, with week number two for the finalists here, will there be any sort of lull?  Will they all be as jacked up and motivated as they were last week?  What follows are my live thoughts from throughout tonight's two hour performance episode.

And, so it begins.  A two hour epic.  I am armed with Cherry Coke and a half eaten apple.  I think I'll make it.

Each dancer does their little mini solo routine for introductions.  Most impressive?  Hok, of course.

I like when they all try to project a “tough” attitude.  I never buy it.

I also like it when Cat Deeley dances on stage at the beginning of these episodes, because she's terrible.

Mia Michaels joins regular judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy (who is wearing a Jackson Pollack painting tonight). 

Mia talks about how pissed she was that Ricky had to be sent home last week.  She says that America got it wrong. 

Cat uses the phrase “fall in love slightly”.  I'm gonna start using that one.

Lauren and Neil are the first couple tonight.  We talk about both their beginnings in dance.  Lauren: mom started her.  Neil: pre-school girlfriend.

They get a hip-hop routine, from choreographer Dave Scott, who I think is new to the show.  Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Dave is wearing Michael Cage's old gheri-curl tonight. 

The routine is to a European techno type song, and I think they did a pretty solid job.  Neil is fairly acrobatic and he does some cool stuff, outshining Lauren.  Mia loved Neil tonight, disappointed in Lauren.  Mary loved it (weird).  So does Nigel.  He thinks they set the bar tonight.  Well, then.

Pasha and Jessi are up next. Both started dancing at a very young age.  I'm a fan of this couple; last week's waltz was quite good.

The two get Jazz for this week's routine.  Tyce DiOrio has created what he calls an “African/modern/contemporary” feel which, weirdly, is my 8th favorite genre of dance.

Cool routine.  It was like “tribal jazz” or something.  Very smooth, sexy in parts.  Jessi remains hot.  Silly, but a pretty great routine.  Mia loves it, so you know it's good.  Nigel and Mary echo the sentiment.   

Jaimie and Hok take the stage next.

Jaimie has this high-pitched, quasi-Valley Girl way of talking that gets a bit trying.  I'm interested to see how Hok does outside of Hip-Hop. 

They'll be dancing the Samba tonight. 

The French dude, plus wife, are choreographing the routine.  Hok says that he's been dancing the Samba for years. 

Not a bad routine.  Kind of sloppy in places, mostly when they were partnered together.  They tried hard, but they didn't have the best technique.  Hok is going to have a difficult time doing a lot of the slower, non hip/hop stuff.

Sabra and Dominic will perform next.  Dom started dancing to get the ladies.  He says it didn't work.  Well, at least now he can dance. 

The two will get to perform a contemporary routine.

Mandy Moore is the choreographer.  No, not that one. 

They're supposed to be birds or something.  We'll see.

They get to perform to a Pretenders song, at least. 

It's contemporary, so it's weird.  But not bad weird.  Good weird, you know.  Mia and Dominic have a moment, and Mia loves Dominic, and says that he is what this competition is all about.  Pretty touching, actually, this whole thing.  It's a veritable love fest out there. 

Faina and Cedric are next.  Cedric says that “you can either exert energy by punching someone or dancing.”  Really, those are the only two options?

They get to dance that bastard of a dance, the Foxtrot.

They're choreographer is a dude named Hunter.  He looks just like a Hunter should.  In fact, I believe that the official dance for guys named Hunter is the Foxtrot.  Funny how things work out sometimes. 

The song they dance to is an old Elvis/Ann-Margaret duet.  Weird.  The routine itself seems like it has a low level of difficulty, and they perform it okay.  Faina was good, Cedric mediocre. 

The judges beat up on Cedric pretty bad.

Lacey and Kameron will be performing next.  For Lacey, dancing runs in the family.  Kameron's sister inspired him to dance.  

They'll be preforming a little Broadway tonight with a routine from Tyce DiOrio.  Lacey isn't sure if she'll be able to play sexy. 

They perform to a song from the Chicago soundtrack.

Lacey comes out scantily clad, dancing in heels.  Very good routine, energetic, and a little bit sexy.  Mia likes it all right.  Nigel and Mary love it.

Anya and Danny are next.  Anya started dancing because she liked the costumes.  Fair enough.

They'll be doing the Viennese Waltz.  Hunter is back again to choreograph.  Waltzes tend to be boring, but Pasha and Jessi managed to make their Waltz very good last week.

These two don't seem to have a lot of chemistry.

They dance to a song by Lifehouse.  Thought you'd like to know.

The dance was okay.  Anya is very good, but Danny feels too proper and straight edge.  Mia loves Danny's hands, and their performance.  Well, the judges are in love with the routine.  Maybe I just don't like waltzes.  

Shauna and Jimmy take the stage next.  They'll be dancing a little hip/hop.  Dave Scott and his soul-glo are back.  He calls his choreography aggressive.  I'm looking forward to it. 

And I enjoyed it.  They did some “stepping”, which is kind of like “Stomp”.  The judges are fans.  They like Jimmy a little more than Shauna.  

Sara and Jesus are the final couple to hit the stage tonight.  Jesus loves the freedom that dance provides. 

Interesting.  They'll be performing a Paso Doble, with a routine from the Frenchman.  They have a difficult time during practice.  I like these two.  Hope they do good.

They dance to a remix of Queen's “We Will Rock You”, which is cooler than I thought it'd be.

Mia calls the routine the awkward, and I'm not sure why.  It was very well played.  Mia didn't like the music.  Oh, crap.  The guy I've been calling French is actually French-Canadian.  Sorry to our neighbors to the North.

Sarah has never had any formal training, nor has she ever worn heels.  So, they all agree that she was very impressive. 

And that was that.  Who should be eliminated tomorrow?  Comment below. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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