So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Results Show, Recap
It's a testament to the talent level of the performers this year on So You Think You Can Dance that the first two eliminated contestants were supremely talented and recipients of (arguably) the most flattering praise from the judges prior to Wednesday's performance show.  Ashlee Langas was told that she dances like people would dance in heaven.  Ricky Palomino was told by Mia Michaels that he was her favorite male dancer in the entire competition.  High praise; unfortunately, it didn't mean much.

Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palomino were sent home by the judges last night after the pair was voted into the bottom three couples by a ruthless American populace.  Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Dan Karaty had tough decisions to make, tougher than they likely anticipated.  Normally, one would expect the first elimination episode to be an easy one, with the “fat” getting trimmed and fans generally indifferent towards the departed contestants.  Not the case with last night.  Ricky Palomino, especially, was obviously talented (albeit a little weird) and had the ability to make it very far on So You Think You Can Dance.

Anyway, here is a quick recap of last night's sequence of events.

Cat Deeley arrives on stage looking better than usual, and we get a long recap of last night's festivities.  Then come the results. Long story short, here are the three couples that American voted into the bottom three:

Sabra Johnson
and Dominic Sandoval

Faina Savich and Cedric Gardner

Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palomino

All six of these contestants then got the chance to dance for their lives and try to convince the judges that they deserved to stay.  As it goes for So You Think You Can Dance, the judges wield most of the power in the early rounds, and they ultimately choose who heads home.  Here is a quick look at the solos, which each lasted about 15 seconds.

(Oh, before we get to the solos, it needs to be mentioned that Benji, last year's winner, came back to perform a solo.  It was good, as expected, but he wore some tremendously silly magenta gloves.)

Sabra: dances her heart out, displays supreme athleticism, totally saved herself.

Dominic: the “D'Trix” ripped up the stage, doing his B-Boy thing.  Incredible.

Ashlee: gives the weakest solo of the night, seeming to mostly be concerned with flashing her underwear at the audience. 

Ricky: his contemporary style shines, but he doesn't seem to have his heart in it.

Faina: she can do sexy. 

Cedric: it's impossible to explain what Cedric does out there, besides saying he combines freestyle, hip-hop, and contemporary.  Just awesome.

Based on that, the judges went back stage to deliberate.  The decision they came to (eliminating Ashlee and Ricky) wasn't a terribly popular one, but it wasn't going to be regardless of who they chose.  Everyone up on the chopping block was good.  This all adds up to a huge positive for the audience, who will get to enjoy an insane level of talent on So You Think You Can Dance this summer.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)