So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results Show
So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results Show
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight's the night when the top 10 is chosen, tour dreams are made, and two dancers will be eliminated. Crazy to think after tonight we're already halfway through season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance.

We have our suspicions on who will be sent home achingly close to the Top 10. But, we've been wrong before, so please watch along with me here and in my 140 character quips as we learn who stays and who'll be celebrating Thanksgiving at home.

Choreographers: Tabitha and Napoleon
Song:What's A Girl to Do by Basemant Jaxx

NappyTabs said they were feeling whimsical this week and they weren't kidding. This seems to be a trippy nightmarish delight of a group routine inspired by Alice and Wonderland. The costumes are outrageous but, incredible and totally help sell the piece. I can't even recognize all the dancers, which makes me enjoy their collective talent more. Man, this routine DEFINTELY makes me feel like I fell down the rabbit hole....or someone spiked my lunch. Another awesome group routine -- can we have more of that when it's just two dancers? Pretty please?

Cat is looking lovely tonight in a silver mini which has even Adam Shankman's eyes' bulging out and saying "aaaooooga!" It's disco ball chic and Cat and those amazing legs of her can totally pull it off.

Nigel and Mary lament the loss of control they will face next week when eliminations are solely up to America. Nigel says he loves it when America votes, but that doesn't seem like the truth at all. If he loved America solely having the decision so much, half the season wouldn't be up to the judges.

It's results time. First up is Ashleigh and Jakob and Karen and Victor. Um, hello, FOX ... we obviously know how this one is going to shape up. Say hello to the bottom three Karen and Victor. Jakob and Ashleigh were golden gods last night on that dance floor, and Karen and Victor....weren't. This is pretty brutal to watch, Karen and Victor are standing there like animals about to head to slaughter, and it kind of breaks my heart. Karen looks like she's already going to cry. Victor looks resigned to his not Top 10 fate.

Jakob and Ashleigh - DUH, SAFE

Next couples up are Nathan and Molle and Legacy and Kathryn, which is interesting indeed. Both are very popular with the fans, both couples faltered (to differing degrees) last night. Neither couple would shock me in the bottom, but I think out of these two couples, Mollee and Nathan earned a spot in the bottom three. That should be worrisome to Mollee and Nathan. If they end up in the bottom three, they're not guaranteed to be safe. Meanwhile if Kathryn and Legacy end up in the bottom three it would be the shock of the season for them to be sent home. Legacy is beloved and growing and will kill a solo, and the judges said that Kathryn was the star of last night's show.

Nathan and Mollee -  DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES
Kathryn and Legacy - SAFE

And the sound of a hundred groaning, sighing tweens fills the auditorium.

That means the final two couples are Russell and Noelle and Ryan and Ellenore. Interesting, very interesting. This could be the surprise of the night. Russell is a fan favorite and a star, but he struggled last night with the samba and his contemporary routine was so cerebral some folks (myself included) didn't feel connected to it. Meanwhile, Ryan and Ellenore had two great routines, but don't seem to have the fan support and adoration that Russell does.

Russell and Noelle - SAFE

Whoaza. Popularity over performance seems to have been the rule of American dance shows this week. I don't think Ryan or Ellenore have anything to worry about during their solos. Mollee, Karen, and Victor should probably be quaking right about now.

She Wants To Move  - N.E.R.D.

Well, it can't be as bad as last week right? Hmmm....maybe I was wrong. A bit more technique, but still much more sex, sex, sex. While I know that Karen is at a disadvantage as a ballroom specialist, she isn't the first ballroom dancer to do a solo and there have been some sexy ballroom divas on this show before...but none of them have sunk to solos like Karen's. Worst of all, I think she is a much better dancer than her solos hint at. Tonight's solo may have been dancing for dollars, but not for your life. I think that's the final nail in her coffin, amazing star quality and all.

Village Attack - from Blood Diamond

Victor is dancing for his life, in a way we haven't seen yet. This is pure abandon, a dance for survival...and it's kind of brilliant. I haven't been this imrpessed with him since auditions -- this is fierce, over his usual removed smoothness. I think Victor very well could have just saved himself. Bravo.

Bulletproof - La Roux

Mollee's solos remind me of Caitlin Kinney's, full of acrobatics, insane hyper-extension, and flexibility. And wowza Mollee. Not only did she use the entire GIGANTIC stage, she showed incredible technique and some moves that defied skeletons, gravity, and logic. Mollee just danced for her life and made me believe in her in a way I haven't all season. If she can do that, why the tween act? Dance like that WOMAN again Molle, please.

Going, Going, Gone  - Stars

Nathan is far too static in his solo, he doesn't use the stage and he didn't have a leap or any of his beautiful turns until the 10 second clock started counting down. Such a waste of opportunity, he could be in danger for that considering Victor's incredible solo. If I were the judges, I would send him home for that. Nathan seems convinced he can get through on his dimples alone...worst of all, he just might.

Bottom - Zap Mama

Ellenore is using her solo to show as much of her technique, gorgeous quality of movement and extension; as she is showing her quirks and personality. I love Ellenore most because  I'm always curious and eager to see what she does when she steps on stage. It wasn't the best solo I've ever seen, but it makes me want to see more, and that's what she needs America and the judges to be feeling right now. There's no way she's going home.

Baila Baila Conmigo

Karen should watch Ryan's solos for a taste of what a sexy, not desperate ballroom solo looks like. He showed off lots of great technique, musicality, and movement, while still engaging the audience with personality, character and sex appeal.

Who do you think will be eliminated after solos?

I'm going with Karen and Nathan, if not Nathan, despite dancing for his life, it will be Victor to go.

Oh my god you guys, the musical guest isn't Shakira, it's Beyonce.....oh wait. Hmm....

The judges have made their decision and they are unanimous with the girls. God, that has to mean Karen right? Right? Nigel commends Mollee for fighting for her spot in the Top 10, and fight she did...that was a pretty incredible solo. Nigel says he'd basically like to choke America for putting Ellenore in the bottom three, she's not going anywhere. Karen is already all quivery chin, she seems to know her fate. Nigel said that Karen's solo felt like she had given up and I agree. And for that, she's been eliminated.


The judges are not unanimous about the decision with the guys tonight. Nigel says that Victor's solo was tremendous, and it was. Nigel tells Ryan it's hard to compete with contemporary guys and look impressive, but he's one hell of a partner. As for Nathan, who gets a huge squeal from the audience, Nigel says he hasn't grown enough on the program. Nigel says if he had his way tonight, Nathan would have been eliminated, but he was out voted. So Victor has been eliminated.


I guess really dancing for your life isn't nearly as valuable as the Tween tour revenue. Sad.