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Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Kayla and Kupono
Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh
Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Kupono and Kayla were as astounded as we were by their inclusion on the Hot Tamale Train for the Waltz. For their contemporary piece with Sonya, Kupono has made a shirt with Sonya's name scrawled across it. Sonya says she's going for something dark, twisted, and vampiric in her routine.

The movements aren't traditionally pretty, but somehow, they are beautiful. There's a ton of technique in this routine -- which Kayla and Kupono have no problem with. In fact, they excel. It's really exciting to see both Kupono and Kayla dance within their genre -- both a stunning contemporary dancers. Their synchronicity is great and I 100% felt what Sonya was going for. Dark, sexy, twisted, and stunning.

Nigel enjoyed his trip to the dark side, though he says he's been there for years. Nigel says for the first time he's not going to talk about Kayla first, telling Kupono he's a new man on stage. He loved it. Mary says if anyone doesn't know that Kayla has the most beautiful legs in the world, they are dumb. We get it judges, you LOVE Kayla, you want to marry her. Mary and Nigel say that Kupono has beautiful feet and that the pair are staying on the hot tamale train for a second week in a row. Though she does  not scream it. Mia says the pair are a stunning couple and that the costuming and make up is brilliant. Mia tells Sonya that this is her best piece ever on So You Think You Can Dance. Mia appreciates Kayla's commitment and lines, and says she makes the most beautiful pictures. Mia appreciates that Kupono took the judges notes to heart and that he has a calm power when he hits the stage. She wonders if it's a Hawaiian thing, because Mark Kannemura had it too -- she calls it majestic.

Everyone is in agreement seems, this new partnership is a good one.

Mary Murphy Scream Count: 1.5
Hot Tamale Train: 2

Randi & Evan
Broadway by Joey Dowling
Rich Man's Frug - Sweet Charity

Evan is thrilled by the choreographers and genres they've been able to dance -- no joke Evan. You guys have been pretty fricking lucky as far as that goes. Randi says that her big Mormon family loved the ass dance.

The Broadway routine is about a toxic relationship, with a new choreographer: Joey Dowling. She's not 100% sold on Evan and Randi, saying the pair struggled -- she also seems to choreograph at warp speed--but Joey says she went easy on them.

Props involved tonight -- a table and chair. Looking like another sexy routine for Randi & Evan. This one is definitely playful, a battle of the sexes pieces. It's cute, but there's something a little dainty about some of it that's off for me. Also -- how is this Broadway routine different from a jazz routine? Save the fact it's being danced to a song from a Broadway play? I see the classic Fosse moves, but I've seen those used in jazz routines too. Can someone please explain? least favorite routine by Randi and Evan all season, no doubt. Little disappointed in Evan, has he been dancing better outside of his genre, ala Jonathan?

Nigel says the routine was a great homage to Fosse, and says that it was terrific stuff from Joey Dowling. He says the pairs wrists need to be more flexible. Nigel was impressed by Randi, but disappointed by Evan. He says, even though, the pair are within his Top 10 dancers. Mary says the pair did fairly well and they got the characters really well. She also critiques the wrists. She says she enjoyed the routine, and it was entertaining. Mia says the choreography was there, but the dancers didn't take it to the level Joey was attempting to reach. Mia says that Randi has to be careful, because her movements were a little heavy and that she expects more from Evan. She wants to say bravo for the pair, but can only say good job.

Mary Murphy Scream Count: 1.5
Hot Tamale Train: 2

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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