So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 Results Show, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 Results Show, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Another brutal elimination awaits the judges and dancers tonight. While last week's performances may not have matched the caliber of week one, the level of talent this season is still astounding and great dancers will be going home. Or as Nigel tweeted, "we lose good dancers whatever happens."

While we have our thoughts on who should be sent home, we'll have to wait with you and see how America voted. Watch a long with me as we discover the next two dancers to be eliminated. You can follow along right here and on BuddyTV's So You Think You Can Dance twitter. And don't forget to submit us questions for the eliminated dancers, I'll be interviewing them both, whoever they are, tomorrow morning.

As I mentioned earlier, the judges of SYTYCD are big time tweeters. In the hours leading up to the show, their tweets have become more frantic and worrisome. Especially yours Shanks, just look at this nervous-making tweet: "FYI; I'm sick about tonight sytycd. I'm pretty sure I know the bottom three, and someone really good is going to have to go home... I'm so happy not to be there... " The fact that the dancers that Mary found most interesting last night, namely Asuka and Vitolio, being in the bottom three doesn't worry me. However, the dancers that Adam is worried about, now THAT makes me worried. So far this season, Shanks and I have been 100% in synch (unlike a few routines last night) and if he feels sick about the potential dancers going home? Well, then I'm queasy with worry too.

Who do you think will be in tonight's shocking, ill-making, Mary Murphy crushing bottom three?

Ahh! The votes are in on So You Think You Can Dance, don't tease me FOX voice over guy! Shanks has me shaking in my boots about the bottom three!

Cat Deeley is looking gorgeous (and about 7 feet tall) in a tailored white suit. Her voice already sounds quivery about tonight's Bottom Three. Uh Oh!

Up first a contemporary piece to Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder, this is of course a Mia Michaels piece. The guys and girls are all barefoot in tuxes, with some sort of strange tribal Henna on their faces. Ade is in the front and looks amazing. The contemporary talent is so strong this season, it's ridiculous!  Oh Mia Michaels, you amaze me. And kind of creep me out, and challenge me, but in a really delightful way.  Great group piece, really strong start to the night -- wonder how Brandon and Mia got along? Too bad we don't get to see a video on the group piece!

Mary Murphy has cut down on the sequin wearing this season to an impressive degree. Do you miss Mary's sparkle?

Cat Deeley calls Lil C out on his mediocre poetry student critiques last night. They're showing audience reaction to his critiques, and they look about as confused (and unimpressed) as I was. But it is pretty fricking hilarious. Especially Shane Sparks, he cannot be bothered by strings of 5 dollar words that have nothing to do with dance. But like Cat Deeley, I kind of love it, definitely adds to the character of the show.

Right to the results-- first three couples. And the crowd goes WILD.

Melissa & Ade - SAFE 

Jason & Caitlin -
(better not be safe) - DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES

Phillip & Jeanine -
(popularity will save em, right?) - SAFE

p.s. I hate you So You Think You Can Dance fake-outs. Seriously, a couple times a season is funny -- a couple times a show? Infuriating!

No surprises there, I mean, Phillip and Jeanine's tango was not great, but the ladies love Phillip and are voting for him in hordes. Chbeeb Heads, holla! But the real question is how do you think Caitlin and Jason do in their solos. Truthfully, I'm a little worried for both. 

And we're back next bottom three.

Jeanette & Brandon - I think these two may be in the bottom based on Mary Murphy's comments earlier today on Twitter - nope, SAFE

Karla & Jonathan - For everything holy, these two  better be safe -- that dance still has me feeling all shivery! -  SAFE (PHEW)

Ashley & Kupono - wild card - DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES


--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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