So You Think You Can Dance to premiere after American Idol finale
So You Think You Can Dance is set to premiere on May 23rd and May 24th, when the dancing competition from the executive producers of American Idol (and with exactly the same formula as Idol) returns for its third season.  So, why May 23rd and 24th?  Because those are the dates of the American Idol two-night season finale.  Very clever, FOX.

The executives over at FOX are experts at leveraging the monstrous power of American Idol to (re)introduce us to whatever show they want exposure for.  We saw this worked to perfection with Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, which I doubt would've received any sort of audience had it not premiered directly after American Idol.  With So You Think You Can Dance, FOX is ensuring that America will remember the dance competition and that newcomers will get a chance to discover it.

With reality shows, especially, it's important to hook the audience early.  If viewers get to know a favorite contestant, and feel like they have something invested in the proceedings, then they are that much more likely to tune in on a regular basis.  Not that So You Think You Can Dance really needs more viewers; they're already one of the most popular summer shows on network television. 

So You Think You Can Dance is also my guiltiest pleasure on television.  I never thought I would like the show when I was alerted of its premise, but after watching (grudgingly) a couple of times, I was a believer.  Whereas Dancing with the Stars features sub-par dancing (for the most part), the kids on So You Think You Can Dance kick ass.  I was amazed at what some of last summer's contestants could do.  And, despite myself, I'm actually looking forward to the new season.  I'll even go so for as to say that So You Think You Can Dance is a better show than American Idol.  Discuss.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer  

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