'So You Think You Can Dance' This Week: Ready to Meet Your Top 10?
'So You Think You Can Dance' This Week: Ready to Meet Your Top 10?
We're just three weeks into So You Think You Can Dance's seventh season, and yet I'm amazed that we'll be meeting our Top 10 already. Yes, already. No dragging audition episodes, no emphasis on simply horrible train wrecks, and no mindless filler -- we'll be meeting our finalists by Thursday night.

Of course, it helped that there wasn't much of Nashville to show.

We ended Thursday night's show in the middle of Vegas callbacks, and already the competition is heating up. With the entry of Billy Bell and Alex Wong -- two contestants who almost made it to the finals but had to back out, which is why they got a free pass to Vegas -- and the revelation that there will only be ten finalists instead of twenty, things are really going tough. And no, I haven't mentioned Toni Redpath, "Nazi Barbie".

This week, we continue with Vegas week, where the contestants who haven't been cut yet have to face group choreography, Broadway and contemporary. In the end, 24 contestants will make the green mile, and the judges -- Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman -- will head to their respective homes and reveal whether or not they've made it to the Top 10. That's on Wednesday night.

And then, on Thursday night, we get to meet these finalists in their respective styles, as the Meet the Top 10 show gets swinging. We can also expect to hear from this season's All-Star pool, and maybe get a hint as to which choreographers will take on the challenge of giving our finalists the dances they have to bring to life -- and maybe, give us a memorable moment or two.

Of course, some of you might've already seen the spoilers -- here's who made the Top 10, and here's who's doing the Top 10 show, in case you want to be spoiled -- but nothing beats seeing what they actually do. Names, after all, are not as good as seeing them in action. And once we do, the competition heats up further.

So You Think You Can Dance returns this Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.

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