'So You Think You Can Dance' This Week: Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and Dallas
'So You Think You Can Dance' This Week: Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and Dallas
The good thing about So You Think You Can Dance is this: the audition episodes happen quickly. This week, we'll be visiting four cities -- and we'll have enough time to begin the Las Vegas callbacks!

On last week's season premiere, we visited New York and Miami and got ourselves a couple of good dancers that would do well if they make it to the Top 20. This week, my fingers are crossed we find more of them -- well, of course, since we're wrapping up the auditions this week.

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Although that means we probably won't get a TV parody along the lines of last week's CSYTYCDI: Miami take-off.

It also seems that we'll be meeting some more new faces on the show. For instance, the photo accompanying this article was shot in Los Angeles, and features hip-hop choreographer Hi Hat, who has worked with Dave Scott on Step Up 2 the Streets. And judging from the intro video to last week's premiere, there will be more new faces.

So here's how this week's SYTYCD episodes will pan out:

Wednesday: Chicago and Los Angeles auditions
Thursday: Nashville and Dallas auditions

And Thursday's show promises a quick headstart to the Vegas auditions, which will continue next week, transitioning nicely to the Meet the Top 10 show next Thursday. (But, of course, if you've been reading up on your spoilers...)

So You Think You Can Dance returns tonight at 8pm on FOX.

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