So You Think You Can Dance: The Live Blog - 2nd Las Vegas Episode
This is the night where we learn who our season three top 20 finalists are.  It's round two of Vegas week.  We're starting the night off with 50 dancers, of which thirty will be eliminated.  So You Think You Can Dance has, in the past, made some relatively poor finalist decisions.  How will it work out tonight?  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.

Each dancer performs a solo routine.  We get highlights but little personal attention here.  I don't really recognize any of these people.  Well, some of them.  We see our first Vegas sighting of Caitlin Cucchiara, the 18 year old.  But after that, it's incredible how many of these finalists we've never heard from before.

The last to perform their solo dance is Faina.  And, yeah, that's how quick they ran through the solos.  Faina collapses once she leaves the stage.  She was the one they showed in the promos with the heavy breathing. 

Nigel calls about twenty people on stage.  And, then, he cold-heartedly eliminates all of them.  Olivia is one of the ones to go.  That was a good way to do it.  Just rip the band aid off.

Most people are happy about it.  Except for Olivia, she's pissed.  Goodbye, drama queen. 

Oh, it was 16 dancers who got cut.  34 remain.  17 girls, 17 guys. 

Each dancer now gets called in immediately.

Kevin Hunt: a guy we haven't seen before.  He has been cut.

Then we see some randoms get booted. 

Danny Tidwell, the adopted brother of last season's runner-up Travis Wall.  We haven't seen him before, but he makes the top 20.  Shane Sparks thinks it was a mistake to let in the top 20.  He doesn't like his lack of heart.  

Ashley Langas: She's made it into the top 20.  Ashely is a cute girl.  This is the first time we've seen her.  I'm pretty happy about it.

D'Trix: He's an awesome hip-hop dancer and he's made it into the top 20. 

Cedric Gardner: He says that he's had a hard time in Vegas, but his final freestyle is incredible.  Mia loves his freestyle, but Nigel doesn't like his all-around game.  They tell him to get batter all-around, but in the end put him through to the top 20.

They put two girls in the top 20 that we've never seen before.  We still don't learn their names.

Janet Bombard:  She's the one who lost her arm, and it's amazing that she's even made it this far.  She made all the judges cry during her final Vegas callback.  Well, not Shane.  But everyone else.  She's not in the top ten girls. Sad.

Ricky Palomino:  He loves all the judges, especially Mia's routines.  Ricky is an odd guy, a weird guy, and the judges talk about it.  A bizarre dude.  He's made it to the top 20. 

Anya and Pasha, the sexy ballroom dancing partners from the first audition episodes.

Anya: She makes it into the top 20. 

Pasha: Mia talks some smack about him, but then they tell him he's in the top 20. 

Faina: Her brother Stanislav made it into the top 20 last season, and she wants to equal his feat.  She's in to the top 20.  Faina is quite attractive as well, so that's good. 

People are stressed in the waiting room. 

Lauren Gottleib, the girl who assisted Tice D'Orio last season and was finally old enough to try out this year.  They try to fake her out, but eventually let her in to the top 20.  They've been doing a lot of the fake out thing this episode.  I hate that.

Sarah, the only “B-Girl” left, gets her verdict.  They put her in the top 20.  Cool.  That should be fun.           

Cameron, a mohawked dude we've never seen, makes it in.  Same with a nother anonymous dude, and a girl we've also never seen. 

Heather Shore, an extremely hot blonde girl who is wearing a bikini top, hits the stage.  Mia loves her, but they have to keep her out.  They all tell her to come back next year, though.  I hope she does. 

Jessi Peralta, the oil/suitcase girl hits the stage next.  She's extremely likable.  Jessi talks about how she has a real office job that she wants to quit.  Shane loves her. She makes it to the top 20, and she starts crying on stage. 

The judges give the bad news to a number of people we haven't seen before. 

Caitlin Cucchiara, the impressive, young-looking 18 year old from the Atlanta auditions, is up next.  Nigel believes that she'll be in the top ten one year, just not this year.  She's sent home.

There are only two places left in the top ten. One more commercial.

On the guys' side, it's between Hok and Twitch.  Hok wins out, although Twitch is actually cooler.  Hok is great, and he's been around since season one, but he's not going to be good at anything other than what he does.  Oh, well.  Goodbye Twitch.

On the ladies' side, it is Lacey Schwimmer, the sister of last year's winner Benji, who makes it into the top ten.  She should be pretty darn good.  We didn't see much of her in the Vegas rounds, but her first audition (with her brother) was quite impressive.

That's it.  We have our top 20.  We'll be back with a full recap tomorrow morning.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer