So You Think You Can Dance: The Live Blog - Atlanta Auditions
So You Think You Can Dance finishes their audition episodes tonight with a last stop in Atlanta.  The ATL should prove to be a nice epicenter of dance talent, if last night's promos were any indication.  Starting next Wednesday, So You Think You Can Dance moves to Las Vegas and by the end of next week we'll have our top 20 finalists.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight's audition episode.

I'll tell you what, I've read a lot of people's opinions regarding Cat Deeley and not all have been kind.  I think she's a pretty darn good host.  No Seacrest, but still a very solid host.

It looks sunny, but it's very cold in Atlanta during auditions.

Shane Sparks is back as the guest judge, joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. 

Caitlin Cucchiara, the 18 year old is up first.  She just turned 18 two weeks ago.

Wow, she's incredible.  Ridiculously elegant and smooth, especially for such a young girl.   She's going to be in the top 20.

Chris Crab, the teacher.  This guy is a monstrous nerd.  He's obsessed with N'Sync and has a shrine of Justin Timberlake  in his bedroom.  He's also a schoolteacher.  I'm pretty creeped out. 

He's a terrible dancer, obviously.  28 year old, male, delusional, TImberlake obsessives should not be teaching kids.  Sorry. 

First commercial.

Break dancer Tony Velez is up next.  He makes it clear that he's not a break dancer, but a B-Boy. 

He's another one of those incredibly athletic break dancers.  He does a lot of moving on his head.  Which is sweet.  He goes to do some choreography.

A lot of people in Atlanta get sent to choreography.  A lot of specialists.

Brandon Norris, the clogger.  HE'S A CLOGGER.  Like, he wears clogs and dances in them.  He makes it clear that he's not a tap dancer.

And he's awesome.  It's hip-hop clogging.  A little feminine at times.  But, his clogging was ridiculous.  He makes it to choreography.

There's 41 dancers on day one doing the choreography.  Tony Velez is heading to Vegas.  Nice.  They're also sending the clogger to Vegas.

31 dancers make it to Vegas on day one.

Time for day 2. 

Brian Gaynor is the first up.  He has scoliosis and is about four and a half feet tall.

Buuuuut, he does the best robot dance I've ever seen.  Awesome, unbelievably awesome.  Crazy robot skills.  Nigel calls him a magician.  Shane is in tears.  He goes to choreography.

Myles Johnson is an athlete.  During high school, he broke his leg.  His coach said that he should take up ballet to help recover. He loved it so much that he quit football to focus on ballet.  His dad almost disowned.  It's almost funny how vicariously he was living through his son and his football career.

He's pretty good, but still raw, having only been dancing for 8 months.  Still, they let him go through to the choreography.

Ashley Simpson, who has the same name as a celebrity who really shouldn't be famous.  She's 18 and blonde.  She's also a good dancer.  She's going straight to Vegas.   She cries a lot.

Nice, a group of dancers outside the theater do the Ferris Bueller group routine on the steps. 

Kippery is a delusional crazy person.  She thinks she's a good dancer. Unfortunately, she is horrendous, mostly because she's at least 300 pounds.

She paid 1400 bucks to go to a dance workshop where she was told that she was a good dancer.  Shane calls her fat.  Kind of a depressing audition.

We've got a cowboy.  He's wearing rhinestones.  He started his dancing life with line dancing.  He's not bad, way better than I expected.  He doesn't make it any further. 

Jessica Diaz wears cat ears and dances to the Pussycat Dolls.  It is as terrible as you could possibly imagine.  She pretends to be a cat.

Chris Garmer is up next.  He lives on a big cattle farm.  At 20, he joined the Marine Corps, then dislocated his shoulder and had to go home.   He does some hip hop stuff.  It's enjoyable, fun, but he doesn't have a lot of moves.  The judges all love him, but he doesn't make it to choreography.  Really happy, charismatic dude though.

Choreography round time.

Bryan Gaynor doesn't make it, but Shane thinks he can get him into a movie coming up from the You Got Served director.  Really cool.

Myles the quarterback goes to Vegas.  28 dancers from day 2 make it.

And that's it.  We got about 200 finalists competing next week for the final 20 spots.  Should be fun.  We'll be back tomorrow with a full recap of tonight's episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer