So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 20 Are Chosen, Live Thoughts
So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 20 Are Chosen, Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's the night we've all been waiting for folks! Tonight 38 dancers will walk the long, green mile and 20 of them will get the best news of their life, that they will be stepping on the big stage next week as season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance gets properly underway. Watch along with me tonight as we learn the remaining 38 dancers, what exactly constitutes the biggest So You Think You Can Dance surprise ever, and who will be competing for the title of America's Favorite Dancer. 

Hooray, it is finally time to find out who will be in this season's Top 20. Does it feel like the season 6 auditions stretched on as long as all of season 5? It certainly does to me. I am so ready for this crew of talented dancers, whoever they may be, to step on the big stage and dance together.

Alright, things that should never be seen on TV, "my armpits are like waterfalls." Queue one more thing in the growing list of things I don't like about Legacy Perez.

First up we'll learn the fate of Nathan Trasoras.

Nathan Trasoras, Contemporary/Hip Hop  - TOP 20

Our Guess? Totally Top 20.

Judges Say: You're a baby, but we'd like to be part of your growth. Totally Top 20.

Followed by a montage of rejected dancers that we've never seen before and lots of tearful hugs. Hate the eliminations, love the sense of camaraderie and support.

David Hovhannisyan
, Ballet - NO

Our Guess? If there is any justice in the world yes.

Judges Say: We love you but you and you're incredibly talented, but you need to come out of your shell. Not Top 20.

Kathryn McCormick, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our Guess? We've never seen her so the fact they're focusing on her means absolutely Top 20. She has the worlds most annoying crying voice. It is high pitched and cracked and she gives a speech like a pageant queen.

Judges Say: Totally top 20, did you think we'd spend that much time on her and her high pitched voice otherwise?

Channing Cooke, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our Guess? Totally Top 20. Spunky, cute and technically talented; she's perfect for the show.

Judges Say: You are exceptionally strong, but need to work with your chemistry with a partner. You've been unanimously voted into our Top 20.

Arianna DeBose, Contemporary - TOP 20

Ellenore Scott, Jazz - TOP 20

Our Guess? For the love of everything holy, I hope so. I've seen Ellenore for five minutes and she's already one of my favorites.

Judges Say: Prayers are answered. Ellenore is in.

Seeing four contemporary girls make it through is too much for Noelle Marsh and Mollee Gray who are now sobbing, and also are best friends. Cue ridiculous girl behavior starring Noelle and Mollee.

Billy Bell, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our Guess? Totally Top 20. He's made for So You Think You Can Dance and his solo in Vegas week was perfection.

Judges Say: Worst. Fake Out. Ever. Of course Billy Bell is in the Top 20.

Brandon Dumalo, Hip Hop/Contemporary - NO

Amber Jackson, Contemporary - NO

Our Guess? She would be great for it, but too many contemporary girls this season, so no.

Judges Say: Exquisite technique is never enough, but we hope you come back next year. Cue outrage and tears from dancers backstage.

Russell Ferguson, Krump - TOP 20

Our Guess? Absofrickinglutely. He's the Joshua Allen of season 6.

Judges Say: Mia Michaels loves you and thinks you'll be in the Top 10, not just the Top 20. P.S. We love you Russell!! (Seriously there was a chorus of that from the judges and maybe from my living room too.)

Kevin Hunt, Hip Hop - TOP 20

Our Guess? We've never seen him and he's a hip hop dancer, which is sorely needed amidst the contemporary-heavy pack. So yes.

Judges Say: Yes.

Bianca Revels, Tap - TOP 20

Our Guess? Absolutely. They've focused on her way too much to be eliminated, again.

Judges Say: Painful fake out which ends with Nigel saying, "I think this is a very controversial decision, but you are in our Top 20." To which Bianca sobbing says, "Nigel why did you do it to me that way?" Oh Bianca, I love you for that. Why did you do it that way, indeed?

Phillip Attmore, Tap - Top 20

Our Guess? Uh-huh. This is going to be a season of tap and Phillip is amazingly talented. We'd like to see his old friend Ryan Kasprzak choreograph him actually.

Judges Say: We don't like your attitude and maybe your reaction to criticism in Vegas means you're a bad person... But yes, you're in the Top 20.

Peter Sabasino, Tap - Top 20

Our Guess? They wouldn't be focusing on Peter, who we haven't seen yet, if he wasn't going to be in the Top 20. He'll be the Rocky story of season 6. Or eliminated in the first week.

Judges Say: Sometimes history is made on this show, threefold. Because you'll be in the Top 20. Then Nigel makes an obscure musical reference that I'm pretty sure only I got, but it truly is going to be the Year of the Tap.

Cue another montage of crying dancers. I hate this part.

Victor Smalley, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our Guess? Yep. Awful mohawk and all. (Which apparently he shaved after the judges hated on it. Thank you judges.)

Judges Say:  Another fake out, but absolutely in the Top 20.

Jakob Karr, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our guess? Is the Pope Catholic? Absolutely Top 20.

Judges Say: Duh, of course. It is so a given we're not even going to spend more than 30 seconds on it.

Mollee Gray, Jazz/Contemporary - TOP 20

Our guess? Totally top 20. Especially with this focus on her new best friend.

Judges Say: Even though you dance like a 14 or 15 year old and we'd like you to dance like a woman (which is apparently a 20 year old), we still want you on the show.

Pauline Mata, Jazz - TOP 20

Our guess? In spite of the injury, yes. With her hip hop and jazz background she is a much needed change from the potential all contemporary all the time.

Judges say: We could care less if you couldn't solo in Las Vegas, we love you and you're in our Top 20.

Noelle Marsh, Contemporary - TOP 20

Our guess? With how much time they've spent on her and Mollee's friendship. It's 50/50, but I bet yes.

Judges Say: Long drawn out tease, and then happy reunion with her new best friend Mollee Gray. They'll both be in the Top 20. Anyone think the two will hate each other by the end of the season?

Another montage of rejections, tears, and hugs.

Legacy Perez, B-Boy - TOP 20

Our Guess? He's the chosen one and he's gotten through tough spots already, so unfortunately, yes.

Judges Say: You're not so good at anything but b-boying, but you're still in the Top 20. I say, dude, you are a terrible actor.

Paula Van Oppen, Contemporary - Yes, but NO

Our Guess? Made for the Top 20, but she has a better offer.

Judges Say: You're magnificent and beautiful and enchanting, and we want you in our Top 20. She accepts the offers, but if spoilers are right...she'll be turning down that offer shortly.

Only four folks are left in the holding room and they are all ballroom dancers. Including the marrieds.

First up are the guys.

Ryan Di Lello, Latin Ballroom - TOP 20 

Our guess? Yep, abs of steel will totally be in. C'mon possible married drama!

Judges Say: We cannot deny your hot body.

Gene Bersten, Ballroom  - NO

Our guess? Eyebrows is out in favor of abs of steel.

Judges Say: Sorry eyebrows, we prefer abs.

Last up are the two married ladies of the ballroom.

Karen Hauer, Ballroom  - TOP 20

Our guess? She is stronger out of her own genre than Ashleigh, plus separating the marrieds is total drama. So, maybe.

Judges say: You didn't do a thing wrong in Las Vegas, so Karen you'll be in the Top 20.

Ashleigh Di Lello, Latin Ballroom -TOP 20

Our guess? Yes, married drama.

Judges say: Sorry love, not this season.

Cue the married tears. And then Ashleigh comes in and says, I'm in too. Turns out Paula DID turn down the Top 20 for a movie role, tearfully. And they just tricked us. Actual successful fake out, touche So You Think You Can Dance.

There you have it America, your Top 20. What do you think?



--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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