So You Think You Can Dance: There's Something About Mary Murphy's Scream
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Mary Murphy has always been a screamer (mind out of the gutter folks). But this season, she's taken the shrieking to a whole new octave. While it used to take a very special dance to get Mary screaming (wow, this is still sounding very dirty); it seemed like this week every dance delighted Mary so much that she just HAD to turn the volume to 11 and hasten my--not to mention Nigel's--deafness.

Out of the 10 initial performances, eight got Mary screaming. Kayla and Max's samba had Mary shrieking all aboard for the Hot Tamale Train, a term that has finally worn out it's welcome in Season 5.

As much as my ear-drums hate it, there's also something somewhat endearing about Mary Murphy and her shrieking. Granted, I wish she'd save it for special occasions, but at least she's audibly excited about the dancers and performances. Unlike, say, Normal Nigel who spends most shows patting himself on the back for choosing such a talented group of dancers. Then again, at least he wasn't strutting around like an excited peacock, like he did last season after a particularly pleasing dance.

It would seem I'm not the only person who noticed Mary's deafening antics, not only are Nigel's ears still ringing,  but you guys have been talking non-stop about Miss Mary's screaming. It would seem  most of you are reaching for the remote and the mute button before Mary can permanently damage your ear drums.

ShirleyEichner2 said:
Please send Mary home until she stops yelling! Our family and friends are sick of jumping to mute every time Mary gets her rude mouth going. A bunch of us are planning to stop watching until you care enough about our frayed nerves from Mary's loudness. Thank you The Eichners and friends.

My family and I really enjoy watching the show but we turn it off because of that woman SCREAMING at the top of her lungs.She is VERY obnoxious,annoying,and over the top.The show is going to lose ALOT of ratings because of her.Nobody wants to listen to that.You can be at the other end of the house and still hear her annoying screams.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of her so we can watch the show.PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shedew said:
Mary is soooooooooo annoying. I was begging my bf to mute the tv everytime it was her turn to talk. It would be a great show if they could shut her up!

greeneyes760 said:
I cannot stand mary she yells way too much her voice is irritating and loud i have never seen such an obnoxious person on such a great show really get rid of her ASAP pleaseeeeeeeeeeee..

SweetIndulgence said:

i cannot stand Mary Murphy, she has a big mouth and all she does is scream. She is the reason I do not watch the show

GigaD said:
Is there any possible way on this green earth that Mary Murphy could be RETIRED????!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the single most annoying personality I have EVER seen on television. She can't possibly help the ratings, viewers do not watch BECAUSE OF HER! I love this show but every time I turn it on she opens her mouth and I wind up switching channels. Please, do this show a favor and GET RID OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, some of you are all aboard Mary's hot tamale train of ear shredding shrieks.

DonnaT said:

Mary Murphy is a little over the top but you can tell when she really loves the dancers and she shows it, I just feel sorry for Nigel when she screams in his ears. Some tune in just to see her responses, so for the ones who don't like her Push the MUTE button.

alwayshope said:

mathmom said:
I LOVE Mary Murphy! She adds some enthusiasm and adulation and/or respectful criticism when it is due. She knows her stuff but can still voice the opinion of a layperson. I'm that layperson who is fascinated by the dancing on this show, loves the energy, and roots for all of these extraordinary dancers. I really can relate to those SCREAMS when those dancers knock it out of the park (and it looks like a lot of that this season!).

twilson2424 said:
mary is just being mary, that's all. although she could calm it down a bit.

Eeyore67 said:
I love Mary Murphy I think the screaming thing is hilarious. She is my favourite judge!

cowboys said:
I think Mary is GREAT!!! I live for her screams and the Hot Tamele Train! The people complaining are more annoying then she is.

Hopefully Mary mellows out a bit for the rest of the season and saves her screams and Hot Tamale tickets for only the most deserving dancers. I won't be holding my breath or unplugging my ears, though.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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