So You Think You Can Dance: Tears Will Get You Almost Anywhere
So You Think You Can Dance: Tears Will Get You Almost Anywhere
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Unlike last weeks auditions, which inspired 10 Las Vegas lessons, tonight's episode only taught us one lesson, but it's a big one guys. I've figured it out the way to guarantee yourself camera time during So You Think You Can Dance's auditions...and it's not talent. Nope, if you want screen time, go straight for the tears. If we learned nothing else, we should certainly know after tonight's episode that breaking down in to a sobbing fit, either on or off stage, whether you are a judge or a contestant, guarantees you 100% more time on camera.

I know there was a ton of great dancing by some truly amazing dancers on tonight's Las Vegas episode, but it was sadly tucked amidst montages of crying contestants and judges.Think I'm exaggerating? Let's check out just a fraction of the tears that were shown on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance.

Parting is Not Such Sweet Sorrow Tears:

marriedcry.JPGThe first tears of a very tearful night came from Karen and Matt Hauer, a husband and wife ballroom team that tried out together in Boston. While wife Karen made it through to the Green Mile, her husband Matt did not. Whether this was because Karen was a better dancer or it was just good drama, I'm not certain. (I preferred Matt to Karen in the auditions.) What I am sure of is that the news brought out the water works in Karen, who sobbed on her husband's shoulder about his elimination. Or as his look above says, "Yes honey, please make this all about you when my dreams have been crushed on television." The fact that another married couple made it through Vegas week in tact probably adds a nice stinging layer of resentment on top of Karen and Matt's sadness. But it's genuine sadness, unlike some OTHER tears that were shed later.

The Tears of a Krumper:

krumptears.JPGWhile this was only a brief shot in the midst of a literal crying montage, it was certainly the crying scene that had me most concerned. Ever the editing geniuses, this shot of new fan favorite and personal hero Russell Ferguson crying, was played in every commercial and tease of the episode. It had all of us Ferguson Fans (coining that one now) in knots -- did the boy wonder somehow loose his footing? Turns out no. Nor were his tear for the loss of Iveta, his World Champion ballroom partner who was eliminated after some tragic jazz missteps. Nope, these are actually tears of joy folks. On the phone to his mother Russell spoke through tears about the life changing experience of dancing Mia Michaels choreography, and unlike certain OTHER criers, we believe Russell 100%.

Dancer Tantrum Tears:

dramaqueen.jpgWhile tears might get you screen time on So You Think You Can Dance, it won't (always) get you through to the next round. Dominic Pearson learned that the hard way and is probably cringing somewhere in America about it right now. Dominic, who just missed the Top 20 during season 4 after an ankle injury that had him taken off stage by medics, carried himself like a man who knew he'd already won. Unfortunately, he also danced with that kind of cocky bravado, hamming it up too much and loosing his technique. The judges were less than impressed, eliminating him immediately. Cue the dancer tantrum, drama queen tears. With word of his elimination, Dominic crumbled to the floor in a seated fetal position and sobbed liked a three year old. While he may have hoped his tears would show the judges how much So You Think You Can Dance meant to him, they actually infuriated Nigel instead. Mr. Lythgoe gave Dominic quite the British tongue lashing telling him that he wasn't helping his future chances with his tears, at all. Get that dancers? Tears, unless you're a certain OTHER dancer destined for the Top 20, don't have any affect on the judges.

Billy Bell Bawl:

shankstears3.jpgContemporary dancer Billy Bell is some kind of magic on the dance floor. Either that or Adam Shankman figured out he'd get even more screen time if he sobbed, I actually believe it's the former. During Billy's seriously gorgeous final solo, our new permanent judge seemed to be having some sort of dance induced cry-gasm. Shanks went between gasping for breath with great pleasure and tears. Not that we can fully blame Shanks, Billy was bringing fire to the dance floor in one of the finest So You Think You Can Dance solos I've ever seen. Still, Shanks sob fest was a little over the top. Just look:

shankstears2.JPGThat is one heck of a cry-gasm...but again, a certain OTHER crier could learn a thing or two about a believable sob fest.

Cry For Your Life Tears:

Last week Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez had to dance for his life and was saved solely by his breaking abilities. This week, Legacy took another tactic to saving himself -- big old, don't-believe-them-for-a-second Alligator tears. Legacy, who finds other peoples choreography repugnant because they are not original moves spawned only from his soul, struggled severely through contemporary choreography with Mia Michaels. Just like he struggled with all choreography rounds last week. He then, to my eyes, struggled horribly through the choreography performance for the judges. Where everyone else's leaps were sky-high, Legacy's were short. For every extended arm and beautiful line, Legacy's were amputated. He fell out of his turns, where others were taut.

Knowing he did not impress the judges enough with his performance, Legacy turned on the water works like a child who'd been caught misbehaving but isn't sorry. As he stepped to the front of the stage Legacy contorted his face and did his best to produce real, wet tears; saying that doing Mia Michaels choreography was life-changing and made him a better dancer. Compliments and tears will get you anywhere apparently if your name is Legacy because Mia and the other judges bought it, telling him "we love you flaws and all." Sorry to say it folks, but Legacy will be in the top 20 of season 6, obviously the judges want him there whether they have to drag him screaming or fake crying.

Next Week: We learn the fate of the non-criers and criers alike when the Top 20 Dancers are chosen. By the look of the promo clip and some seriously outraged dancers, it looks like Mr. Alligator Tears just might take the spot of a dancer who really deserves it.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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