So You Think You Can Dance: Season 3, Episode 5 Recap - Top 20 Revealed!
So You Think You Can Dance has their top twenty.  Before we get to that, here's a little run down of last night's events:

With 50 contestants left, each dancer performed a solo routine in front of the judges for one last time.  They received no feedback, and the judges would make their final decisions based on their performances throughout the week.  After the solo dances and a quick deliberation by the judges, Nigel calls 16 dancers on stage.  He tells them all that they've been eliminated and have to go home.  Brutal.

That left 17 girls and 17 guys, vying for the ten spots each.  From there, each dancer was called in individually to receive their fate from the judges.  There was a bunch of lame attempted fake outs by the judges, trying to make the dancers feel as if they'd been eliminated when they really hadn't.  You know, that old trick.

The episode really didn't have much going on in it.  They rushed through the final solo dances in under ten minutes and the rest of the episode contained the dancers in front of the judges.  It dragged a little.  Anyway, here are the results:

Some of the notable eliminated contestants are as follows:

Olivia, who got a ton of screen time and turned into a drama queen.

Janet Lombard, the girl who has a prosthetic arm  She made the judges cry.

Twitch, the creative hip/hop dancer and all around likable dude.

And, perhaps most surprisingly, Caitlin Cucchiara, who was so impressive in her initial audition, but may have just been too young.

Here then, is this year's top 20 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance:

Top Ten Girls:

Ashlee Lengas, 19, contemporary and jazz dancer

Jaimie Goodwin, 19, contemporary dancer

Sabra Johnson, 19, contemporary dancer

Anya Garnis, 25,  Latin ballroom dancer

Faina Savich, 21, Latin ballroom dancer

Lauren Gottlieb, 18, contemporary and jazz dancer

Sara Van Gillern, 23, hip-hop and B-girl dancer

Shauna Noland, 18, contemporary dancer

Jessi Peralta, 25, hip-hop dancer

Lacey Schwimmer, 18, swing and international Latin dancer

Top Ten Guys:

Danny Tidwell, 23, contemporary and jazz dancer

Dominic Sandoval, 21, B-boy and hip-hop dancer

Cedric Gardner, 23, hip-hop dancer

Ricky Palomino, 25, contemporary dancer

Pasha Kovalev, 27, Latin ballroom dancer

Kameron Bink, 20, contemporary and hip-hop dancer

Neil Haskell, 20, contemporary jazz dancer

Jesús Solario, 23, contemporary and jazz dancer

Hok Konishi, 22, B-boy dancer

Jimmy Arguello, 21, contemporary dancer

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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