So You Think You Can Dance: Season 3, episode 2 recap
Viewers were treated to an absolutely epic two hour So You Think You Can Dance episode last night.  We were taken to Los Angeles and Chicago, where anyone with a pulse could come and try out and make their way to the next round in Vegas.  The episode was devoid of bad dancing, which was actually a welcome surprise.  There were a few terrible auditions, of course, but far less than we're accustomed to.  Maybe people are starting to learn.

Here's a look at all of the notable auditions from last night, including two people with prosthetic limbs, a disturbing amount of 18 year olds, and the infamous Gold Inferno:

The episode begins in Los Angeles, where the line on the first day is huge, spanning all the way around the block.  Wade Robson joins Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe for the LA auditions.

Lauren Gottlieb, the young pro

Lauren is 18 and couldn't try out last year because she was too young.  However, she helped during choreography during one of last year's So You Think You Can Dance shows.  She even went with a choreographer to Tobey Maguire's house to help with some dancing for Spider-Man 3.  Anyway, she's pretty cute and is an extremely good dancer.  She's heading to Vegas.

Jessi Peralta, the bikini top girl

The outfits just keep on getting skimpier.  Jessi wears a bikini top.  Her choreography is ridiculous.  When a line in the song talks about oil, she actually rubs oil on her bare stomach.  Not that I'm complaining.  I didn't think she was all that great of a dancer, but the judges liked her (Nigel was a fan of the oil) and she's headed to Vegas.

EJ, the overweight hairstylist

EJ is a...flamboyant, overweight man who dances like a woman.  Weirdly, though, he's pretty good.  I would call his athleticism while dancing practically Chris Farley-esque.  He gets a big applause after his routine from the crowd, but Nigel admonishes the crowd for “patronizing” EJ.  I thought it was a nice gesture, but whatever.  He's sent home, because he's fat. 

Colin Wheeler, a guy who wants to be on TV

Colin claims to be an aspiring geneticist, but I bet he's more of a jackass who is acting like a crazy person so he can go on TV.  He says he's looked deep into the blood cell and has found the key to immortality.  Great.  His dancing is of the “at a rave while on ecstasy” variety.  Not good.

Olivia Usey, a girl who loves crying

Not that the crying is unwarranted.  She's 18, hasn't danced in a few years because she got some bad skin problems.  Recently, she found out that her mom has breast cancer.  Her mom just wanted Olivia to dance again, so that's what she is doing.  She ends up being pretty damn good.  She's a little rusty, but you can see her potential.  The judges want to see her learn some choreography.       

The Gold Inferno

A dude shows up in a yellow wrestling mask, calling himself the Golden Inferno.  He claims to be a champion jump-style dancer.  If you haven't seen jump-style, you probably should bother.  It is exceptionally silly.  The judges get a kick out of him though, and send The Inferno to choreography.

Dia Beck and Kurt Myers, ballroom dancing nerds

Kurt Myers has had hiccups for the last seven and a half years.  Really.  He can't get them to go away.  Dia and Kurt put together an okay routine, but Dia tends to wink a lot, which is very weird.  The judges laugh at them, mostly because of the hiccuping.  They want both to do some choreography.

At the choreography round, the judges send Kurt, Dia and Olivia to Vegas.

Day 2, Los Angeles

Jesus Solario, the wine making dancer

Jesus made it to Vegas last year, and he does so again this year.  He is a very good dancer, and claims to have stepped up his game.  We shall see.


If you watched last year, you remember Hok, the ridiculously good break dancer.  Well, he couldn't continue in the competition last year because he only had a student visa.  Well, he's back and just as good as he was last year.  He, also, has his work permit so he can compete.  He's going to Vegas.


Dominic Sandoval has crazy moves.  I think he was better than Hok.  The man is a supreme athlete and he's going straight to Vegas.

Brianne Healy, cruise ship girl

Brianne graduated high school and immediately decided to dance on a cruise ship for four months.  An interesting decision, but it looks like the experience paid off.  She's a pretty good dancer, but a happy on.  The judges want to see her do some choreography.

Benji Schwimmer brings his sister Lacey

The championship pedigree is within Lacey Schwimmer, the little sister of last year's winner Benji.  She couldn't try out last year because she was 14 days too young.  She is the youth Latin and Swing champion.  Impressive.  Her dancing is awesome, and is someone who I'm sure will make it into the top 20.

The only notable dancer to be sent through during the choreography round is Brianne.

Chicago, Day 1

Shane Sparks joins Nigel and Mary in Chicago.

The youngest looking 18 year old ever

Morgan Larson looks like she twelve, but she's a great dancer.  Unique too.  She has some serious Allison Holker potential for this season.

Best audition of the night: Phillip Chbeeb

This 18 year old white dude from Houston was the most impressive performer on last night's show.  It was so good, I'm just going to show you the video.

The Incredible Gomez siblings

This overweight, brother/sister combo is pretty impressive.  Isuaro, the dude, is entertaining but not very polished.  Yassi, the lady, is really good for how big she is.  She does a hip hop routine and Shane Sparks loves it.  She makes it to Vegas.

Chicago, Day 2

Bringing back the Lindy Hop

Michael and Evita, non-dating partners with unspoken sexual tension, dress in a old-school uniform and dance the long forgotten Lindy Hop, and older version of Swing.  Surprisingly, it's really good.  Both are going to Vegas.

Janet only needs one arm

Janet Bombard lost her left arm in a car accident a couple years back, and I didn't notice it during the audition, which is impressive.  Janet is a pretty good dancer, not great, but her energy and enthusiasm is good.  She's through to Vegas.

Quincy Vereen

The final audition of the night is from Quincy, a guy who seriously tried out for the show during the show's first season but didn't make it.  Since, he had an awful motorcycle accident.  He lost one of his legs completely, he has a prosthetic now, and his other leg is messed.  He wants to try out anyway and does, but it's only for himself, as he tells the judges.  Very inspirational.

And that's it.  Tonight, So You Think You Can Dance heads to the ATL. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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