[Videos] 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10: The All-Stars Spill Secrets
[Videos] 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10: The All-Stars Spill Secrets
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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As we gear up for the season 10 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15, the All-Stars are spilling secrets about their lives and love of dance at a promotional photo shoot for the new season. The poses that the dancers strike are amazing and look impossible. (Please don't try this at home!) And of course, what would a photo shoot for So You Think You Can Dance be without glitter and body paint? We also hear about how Cupid made a backstage love connection on the show.

Check out the All-Star Photo shoot Video

Highlights from the Video:

  • " We got some of the best All-Stars coming at you this season, and it's season 10 of  So You Think You can Dance-that's crazy in itself." tWitch (season 4)
  • "Since the show ended I've been on tour with Lady Gaga. I've been working with her for a few years, and it's been awesome." Mark Kanemura  (season 4)
  • "It's so crazy! I feel like I just kind of jumped into this life of like photo shoots and the L.A. life, but I am loving it." Whitney Carson (season 9)
  •  "I am recently engaged to this awesome guy you guys might know...named tWitch." Allison Holker (season 2)
  • "I owe the show everything. I probably wouldn't have pursued a professional dance career. It completely gave me a whole new love for dance and I love it so much." Lauren Froderman (season 7 winner)
  • "This show brought me great dance, great friends, and the love of my life." Allison Holker (season 2)
What can we expect for SYTYCD season 10? According to our favorite judges and host, Cat Deeley, we will see the same show we know and love infused with fresh talent. This season, the bar is set high and it sounds like the dancers are up to the challenge.

So, slip on your dance shoes and check out this video preview of So You Think You Can Dance season 10.

Highlights from the Preview:

  • "So You Think You Can Dance has made me believe that I was never a dancer, because what these kids do nowadays I could never even attempt." Nigel Lythgoe (judge/executive producer)
  • "What the audience is going to see in Season 10 is what they've come to love about the show...this extraordinary talent sort of blasting in their face." Adam Shankman (guest judge)
  • "It's a new cast of characters- a lot of fresh new faces." Mary Murphy (judge)
  • "The dancers are the ones that create the magic of this series-not the format. It's the talent, and this season (season 10), the talent is magnificent." (Nigel Lythgoe (judge/executive producer)
  • "Fresh moves-humorous stories-and ridiculous banter between the judges." (Stephen "tWitch" Boss (guest judge)
  • "It's the same show you know and love, but bigger and better, and in all honesty, the show is always unpredictable." Cat Deeley (host).

The So You Think You Can Dance premiere airs on May 14 at 8 pm and continues May 15 at 9pm  on FOX. 

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