'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which All-Star Makes a Shocking Decision?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which All-Star Makes a Shocking Decision?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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In this episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the season 14 hopefuls leave it all on the stage as they try to land a spot in the Top 10. The 62 remaining dancers are exceptional in both their skill and creativity with fusing different styles. But the Academy is brutal.

The competitors must impress the All-Stars to win a spot on their teams. The season 14 All-Stars are: Allison Holker (Contemporary), Jenna Johnson (Ballroom), Gaby Diaz (Tap), Jasmine Harper (Contemporary), Comfort Fedoke (Hip-Hop), Robert Roldan (Contemporary), Marko Germar (Jazz), Paul Karmiryan (Ballroom), Cyrus Spencer (Animation) and Fik-Shun Stegall (Hip-Hop). Each All-Star will form a team of four dancers, which will eventually be pared down to their partner for the So You Think You Can Dance live shows.

Contemporary Round with Travis Wall

Travis alerts everyone that there will be no partner work in this routine and that it is very difficult. Travis also hopes to help the dancers display their personalities by having them perform freestyle content at the start of the routine. 

The first group has contemporary dancer Taylor Sieve, who wowed the judges in Los Angeles, along with contemporary dancer Arielle Disciascio, who auditioned in New York. 

Mark Villaver, who is a member of Comfort's team, is worried about being cut. Team Fik-Shun's Dassy Lee, who is a pop locker, also performs. All-Star Jasmine is pleased with the performance of her team member, Robert Green. 

Tapper Chaz Wolcott, who is 29 years old, seems to have some difficulty. New Yorkers Havoc and Klassic, who are flexers, display their contemporary skills. 

Contemporary Results

Arielle Disciascio is sent home.

Taylor Sieve is thrilled to join Robert's team.

Contemporary dancer Jonathan Wade also joins Team Robert, as does Jennifer Florentino, who also auditioned in New York. 

Chaz Wolcott is not moving on to the next round of the competition.

Klassic needs to get some additional training, and he is sent home.

Cyrus tells Havoc that he will need to dance for his life and perform a solo in his style to demonstrate why he should continue in the competition. He impresses all the All-Stars and clinches a spot on Cyrus' team.

At the end of the contemporary round, a total of 30 dancers have found a team. That leaves 18 dancers struggling to grab the final 10 openings. Each All-Star has only one slot left, and this news send the tension level soaring for the dancers. 

Ballroom Round with Dmitry Chaplin and Jenya

Dmitry and Jenya have choreographed a demanding Cha-Cha. If a dancer does not end up on a team at the end of this round, they will automatically be eliminated. 

Logan Hernandez, from Team Allison, pairs with ballroom dancer Jensen Arnold. Jensen and Logan have a little stumble, but Jensen still hopes that she is chosen for a team.

Team Marko's Koine Iwasaki joins ballroom dancer Vasily. He is hoping to make a team, as his wife Kristina has. 

Dancers who have already made teams also thrilled their All-Stars, such as Kyle Bennet, Jr. on Team Fik-Shun, Lex Ishimoto from Team Gaby, Kaylee Millis from Team Cyrus, and Ken Davis Jr. from Team Allison. 

Jazz dancer Alexis Gilbert teams up with Evan DeBenedetto from All-Star Gaby's team.
Ballroom Results

Jensen Arnold wins a place on Team Robert. 

Vasily is nearly sent home before Paul intervenes and adds him to his team. 

Dustin Payne, an animator, is sent home, as is early favorite Matthew DeLoch from the Los Angeles tryouts. 

Alexis Gilbert accepts a spot on Team Jenna. 

Contemporary dancer Howard Johnson earns a place on All-Star Jasmine's team, while Magda Fialek captures the last spot on Team Gaby. Abby Griffin, a ballet dancer, grabs the last opening on Team Allison.

Group Round

It is finally time for the group round, where dancers choreograph a routine all night and then perform in the morning. No pressure, right? Well, except that each All-Star must now cut one member from their team. Ouch!

Team Paul

The first group is comprised of ballroom dancer Sydney Tormey, married ballroom dancers Kristina and Vasily, and Indian contemporary dancer Ramita Ravi. Paul wastes no time in getting down to the specifics about problems between his team members. The All-Star is disappointed by the routine, and he sends Vasily home. 

Team Allison

This team's members are: Logan Hernandez, Abby Griffin, Zachary Downer and krumper Kevin Davis Jr. This group works well together and brings All-Star Allison to tears with their performance. She decides to send Kevin David Jr. home -- that is, until Jenna decides that she must have him on her team. Sadly, that means she now must eliminate two dancers from Team Jenna after the group performance. 

Team Jenna

All-Star Jenna must let two dancers go. She eliminates Alexis, Gilbert and JJ. 

Other Results

After watching the performance, Cyrus sends Kristina home. 

All-Star Fik-Shun eliminates dancer Onslaught.

Comfort sends home Alex, while a tearful Jasmine eliminates Kennedy. 

All-Star Marko ends Katie's So You Think You Can Dance hopes, and Robert sends home Jensen. 

Gaby cuts Magda Fialek. 

Next time, the Academy continues. 

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