'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which Dancers Flunk Out of the Academy?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which Dancers Flunk Out of the Academy?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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In this episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the season 14 contestants battle their nerves, and each other, in the callbacks. There are 100 dancers hoping to land a coveted position in the Top 10. The All-Stars also return to help the dancers through the Academy and to eventually pick their partners for the season.

There is no doubt that this round puts the dancers under intense pressure. Some fan favorites will be cut and others will shine brightly. Who will move on in the So You Think You Can Dance competition? Let's find out.

The All-Stars are back, baby! The All-Star for season 14 are: Gaby Diaz (Tap), Comfort Fedoke (Hip-Hop), Marko Germar (Jazz), Jasmine Harper (Contemporary), Allison Holker (Contemporary), Jenna Johnson (Ballroom), Paul Karmiryan (Ballroom), Robert Roldan (Contemporary), Cyrus Spencer (Animation) and Fik-Shun Stegall (Hip-Hop). I love it when the All-Stars return. Each All-Star will form a team of four dancers, which will eventually be pared down to their partner for the live shows. 

This episode kicks off with a fantastic outdoor routine featuring all of the competitors. This number shows groups of dancers performing in their style.

Solos: Group #1

Each dancer will perform a solo for the All-Stars and, if they get a majority of votes, will advance to the next round. First up is Logan Hernandez, a 19-year-old who auditioned in New York. His contemporary routine wows the All-Stars.

Also performing in this group are Robert Green, a hip-hop dancer; tapper Chaz Wolcott; and contemporary dancer Matthew Deloch. Tristen and Jensen, who are ballroom partners, also perform. 

Results #1

Everyone from this group advances, except for Tristen, who is sent home. 

Group #2

Kevin Davis Jr. is a hip-hopper from the Los Angeles auditions, and Kyle Bennett is a hip-hopper who auditioned in New York. Both offer impressive performances. 

Results #2

Both Kevin and Kyle move on to the next choreography round. 

Group #3

Lex Ishimoto won over the judges in New York with his incredible moves and hopes it will be the same with the All-Stars. He is one of my favorites this season, and he smashes it. 

Ballroom dancers Kristina Androsenko and Vasily Anokhin garner a standing ovation from the All-Stars. 

Results #4

Lex, Vasily and Kristina all make it to the next round.

Group #4

Ryan Bailey, who is 22 years old, performs his own brand of contemporary dance, which features seizure-like movements. The All-Stars seem very confused by this routine. 

Results #4

Ryan, Sydney and Kenya are sent home, as is Romainson Romain. A total of 71 dancers are ready to crush it in the hip-hop round.

Hip-hop Round with Nappytabs

The dancers must choose a partner and learn the routine in one hour. What could possibly go wrong?

 In addition, the All-Stars will start choosing their teams. After each choreography round, the dancers will either be moving on to the next round, sent home or asked to join a team. If a dancer is fortunate enough to be asked by more than one All-Star, it is the dancer's decision to pick who they want to work with this season. 

Hip-hopper Robert Green, who auditioned in Los Angeles, is dancing with Kaylee Millis, who impressed the judges with her contemporary audition in New York. This duo absolutely kills it!

Ballroom dancers Kiki Nyemchek and Allen Genkin decide to team up, and this routine is out of their comfort zone.

Lex Ishimoto pairs up with popper Dassy Lee. Kevin Davis Jr, who is a krumper, works with ballroom dancer Sofia Ghavami. 

Hip-Hop Results

Krumper Kevin Davis Jr. is swarmed with offers from several All-Stars: Allison, Cyrus, Comfort, Jasmine and Fik-Shun.  He chooses Allison. 

Darius Hickman, a contemporary dancer, was a standout in Los Angeles. He is sent home.

Popper Dassy Lee is offered a spot by Cyrus and Fik-Shun, and she decides to go with Fik-Shun. 

Logan Hernandez is offered a team spot by Robert, Allison and Jenna. Logan elects to join Allison's team. 

Kaylee Millis accepts the offer to join Cyrus' team. 

Lex Ishimoto chooses Gaby over Robert. Sydney also turns down Robert in favor of All-Star Paul.

Mark Villaver, a break-dancer, faces a difficult choice between Comfort and Allison, but he ultimately joins Comfort's team. 

Another dancer receiving good news is Koine, who joins Marko's team. Nine other dancers also land on teams. 

Ballroom dancer Kiki Nyemchek receives a stern warning from Jenna to never give up after his messy hip-hop performance, and he gladly joins her team. 

The So You Think You Can Dance journey ends for fan favorites Sade Austin, Chelsea Hough and Jason Kidd, along with six other dancers. 

What did you think of the hip-hop round? Was it too difficult? Did your favorite dancer make it through to the next round? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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