'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 14 Results
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 14 Results
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Soon, there will be only 12. Of the 14 dancers remaining on So You Think You Can Dance, two will not proceed into the next week of competition. Which dancers will make the cut? We'll find out tonight.

Yet another week of strong performances and great personalities make the decision even tougher than ever. The judges seemed to be thrilled with many of the dancers, even as a few received negative commentary for their work. What will happen next? That will all depend on the votes.

How would we here at BuddyTV vote? A look at our BuddyTV Readers' Poll suggests that Ashley is the dancer most expected to leave, receiving 44 percent of our elimination votes. She is trailed by her partner, Chris (22 percent thinking he'll leave) and Alexander (15 percent). Small numbers of readers thought that Ryan, Ricky, Clarice, Jordan and Tadd might be in trouble as well.

Will we be wrong about this? History suggests that the answer is yes. Figures.

Anyway, let's find out from So You Think You Can Dance itself what the true results are.

First of all, Bollywood's back! This time, it's fortunately in a format that won't immediately send anyone home. It's very colorful. You know, it's a testament to how good all of the dancers are that it's really, really hard to figure out who is who during the group dances.

So did Carmen Electra not make it back for a second night? Thank goodness Travis is here to cover for her. He's cooler anyway.

Oh right, there are other people here tonight. Florence and the Machine along with the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

First RESULTS of the night!

We've got Melanie/Marko and Caitlynn/Mitchell in the hot spot now. And...

Melanie and Marko are SAFE!

Caitlynn and Mitchell are SAFE!

Wow. What's up with Caitlynn's hair? I'm picturing a stylist standing backstage, brush in hand, stifling a scream as she watches Caitlynn on the stage right now.

Anyway, that's two couples safe so far. Scary for those left to hear.

National Dance Day stuff now. Are we supposed to flash mob this or something? It's on July 30 if you're more ambitious than I am.


This time it's Ashley/Chris, Clarice/Jess and Jordan/Tadd.

Ashley and Chris are in the Bottom Three.

Clarice and Jess are SAFE!

Jordan and Tadd are in the Bottom Three.

Voters really don't like ballroom dancing, do they?

The final pairs up are Ryan/Ricky and Sasha/Alexander.

Ryan and Ricky are in the Bottom Three.

Sasha and Alexander are SAFE!


So that's this week's Bottom Three. Who is in the most danger? Who's going home? We'll find out soon.

OK, the takeaway tonight is:

  • People don't like ballroom.
  • Voters love, love, love Sasha and Alexander.
  • Weird dances don't really connect with audiences.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet is up now. Apparently they're in that Adjustment Bureau movie with Matt Damon. Based on the promos I've seen, I can imagine dancers in that.

Ashley solos first. She's really not very fast, although it's pretty and obviously athletic.

Chris seems to be going the spaghetti route for his solo.

Jordan is a very flexible person.

Tadd made me say "ow" before he was fully on the stage. And then he danced upside-down.

Ryan is going the angst route with her dance tonight. It actually makes for a pretty good solo.

Ricky is super-emotional-ballet in his solo.

Florence and The Machine are up now, performing "Cosmic Love." There's a harp on the stage.

Enough of this musical party! Time to crush someone's dreams with an elimination. The girls are up first. And...

Ashley has been eliminated!

Now for the boys...

Chris has been eliminated!

They're not big fans of couples this season, are they?

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What do you think of tonight's results? Did you expect Ashley and Chris to go? Will So You Think You Can Dance ever break up a couple this season? Leave your comments below!

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