'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Week 3 Dances
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Week 3 Dances
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Week 3 of So You Think You Can Dance has arrived! Things should definitely start to get interesting as the contestants perform to see which of them will make it another week. And now there are only 16 dancers left...

You know, it feels kind of empty with only 16 dancers. I guess I got used to 20. Oh well.

Whatever the number, they'll be dancing. The dance styles might get pretty crazy this week as well, since just about every couple will necessarily find themselves forced out of their comfort zones. Some will most likely shine, while others could fall victim to another Bollywood-esque dance.

Almost as exciting as the dances are the judges. So You Think You Can Dance has another theatrical superstar, Kristin Chenoweth. Do you think they'll let her sing? That'd be cool.

Also cool? Dancing! Let's have some!

Fancy hairstyle there, Cat. All classic movie star and stuff.

The dancers, on the other hand, are looking awfully casual for the most part. Maybe that's just to surprise us with crazy costumes later. I kind of hope so.

Oh my, there are four judges tonight! L'il C joins Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and guest judge Kristin Chenoweth. She's releasing a country album now?

They've got group routines on top of their individual dances this week. The first group is being choreographed by Tyce Diorio. There are a lot of chairs involved. It all seems very violent for a dance.

Group 1 Dance

Yep, there are chairs. Fortunately the chairs have lights on the bottom -- they're pretty much the only lights on the stage. Everyone is in dark costumes, and the lights are essentially off. As far as I can tell, this is a fun, kind of funky dance that totally fits with "Hit the Road, Jack." There seems to be a lot of theatrical swagger all over the stage with artistic fights interspersed with flips and stuff. Overall, nice but not exactly enthralling.

Sasha and Alexander

Sasha doesn't like frogs. Alexander wore a lot of bow ties as a child. Dee Caspary choreographed their contemporary routine. So these guys have contemporary? They'll be fine.

I bet that piano doesn't really work. Wait, did Sasha come out of the piano? Not liking the piano shirt on Alexander, but the dancing is cool. Their spins are almost violent and look kind of like mini-disasters and tragedies every time they move. It's possible that Sasha is out-dancing Alexander, but he's holding his own. And eek! Creepy hands coming out of the piano!

Nigel: "Good start, good start." "Sasha... You turned into a beautiful princess of dance. I really feel your movement with you." "Alex... There is something going on that's terrific, and it just needs to grow in you right now."
Mary: "I definitely loved, loved this love story." "Did you guys pull it off? I think you did."
L'il C: "I must say, I don't think I've ever beared witness to seeing it done so effortlessly."
Kristin: "Sasha... I never hear you make one sound, that is such a big feat." "Alexander, I love you in this piece."

Caitlynn and Mitchell

Caitlynn did a duck dance when she was little. Mitchell smiled a lot. They're dancing a samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux.

That's some costume on Caitlynn. They can definitely move their hips. That shouldn't be a point of criticism anyway. The dancers may not be moving quite as effortlessly to the music as some. Then again, that might be the choreography and style as much as anything. Charisma isn't lacking in this, especially from Caitlynn (who is hard to ignore).

Nigel: "Mitchell... Your samba form was absolutely incredible. You are, for me, the Chris Rock of So You Think You Can Dance." "Caitlynn, the articulation of your body is perfect."
Mary: "It was spectacular!" "Caitlynn, you know your leg action was amazing." "Mitchell, hello! What is going on up there?!" "I loved every second of it, you hot tamales up there!"
L'il C: "It was so much bass generating from those hips up there." "Mitchell, you say you were a tardy bloomer? Better late than never, my friend."
Kristin: "Shut the front door! Shut the back door, shut the door to the garage..."

Miranda and Robert

Miranda wanted to get married at an early age. Robert pretended to be Michael Jackson as a kid. The pair will dance a Broadway piece by Tyce Diorio.

Miranda is very well-dressed for a lady of the night. The slow bit was pretty, but the fast parts are more fun. Robert got across that stage without any effort. I'm not sure they're quite as connected as they ought to be -- the eye contact is minimal and both look like they'd be equally fine dancing alone. A good dance but not my favorite.

Nigel: "Miranda, I think you are the most changed dancer since the program began." "Robert... you've come a long way already... Your character there was absolutely terrific."
Mary: "The two of you are just great together."
L'il C: "Miranda, you leave me in awe every time I see you dance. With legs like that, you need arms." "Rob, you have the kind of personality that one can only receive if the planets are in perfect alignment when you are born."
Kristin: "You guys... tonight you killed it. Miranda, I completely bought you tonight."

Melanie and Marko

Melanie was stage-crazy as a child. Marko was spoiled. They're doing lyrical hip hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo.

Awww... Marko is crying. Now there are elaborate hand gestures going on. Good synchronicity there, once they finally started to move. Is Melanie going to tie that bow tie? It kind of looked like it. And there's a kiss. Yeah, they're going to get votes this week. Seriously, there are no better crowd pleasers than these two. And I'm totally weak and loved that.

Nigel: "I won't judge you individually on this, and I can't." "You are, in my opinion, at this stage of the competition, the couple to beat."
Mary: "The two of you keep knocking out a special performance every single week."
L'il C: "Plain and simple, you guys are a power couple. And that whole section right here in the beginning, that was extra buck."
Kristin: "We sing because we can't speak anymore. Dance is an extension of that." "I wanna be in your play. I'm very moved and very touched and in fact..."

And Nigel just kissed Mary. Followed by Kristin kissing C. It's just a big lovefest here.

Ashley and Chris

Ashley was a shy kid. Chris can't count the number of kids in his family. The two of them are dance a jazz routine by Sonya Tayeh.

Ooh! Creepy dance! Ashley's dance is a bit distracting, but whatever. The transitions from fast movement to total stops are neat. They're definitely working together too. After all that kissing in the last number, this seems to be all about sex in some weird, dark way. I think Ashley might be out-dancing Chris, but it's not by much. Kind of loved that dance...

Nigel: "For me, I didn't connect with this music... I wanted you to be more overt with the characters." "There wasn't enough character or enough heart in soul in this piece for me."
Mary: "There was so much hard synchronization in this dance, and you guys pulled it off."
L'il C: "Ashley, for me, you're the sleeper cell of this competition." "Keep being a silent assassin." "Chris, I see you. Buckness."
Kristin: "I'm just sitting up here in amazement, and I don't mean to be the Paula Abdul of So You Think You Can Dance." "This week, you blow my mind."

Clarice and Jess

Clarice danced roughly everywhere. Jess was a mess. They have a foxtrot choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux.

Fun beginning there. This dance doesn't seem to be as exciting as some, but it's pretty and it looks nice. And I'm just not sure how exciting you can make a foxtrot. Jess definitely looks the "Rat Pack" part, if nothing else. Again, however, this is another couple that gives no impression of needing each other on the dance floor. Pretty, but not quite so passionate.

Nigel: "It's as beautiful as you danced tonight." "Jess, you are a master of this style."
Mary: "Clarice, you were beautiful up there!" "Jess, can I just say there isn't a single other dancer in this show that could have done what you just did right now."
L'il C: "You two just put a face on the smile of his heart with the way you danced."
Kristin: "This was my favorite performance of the night. Clarice... With you, who needs legs?" "Jess, every move you make means something." "You two together are magic."

Ryan and Ricky

Ricky messed up his first dance. Ryan was a shy girl. Their dance is a contemporary piece choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.

They're literally tied together. That helps with connections. The use of the scarf is pretty neat and a little different. By week 3, different is good. The story is easily visible in this dance. The downside of this is that the dance isn't quite as interesting as most of them. Just a little too slow, even if it is emotional and pretty.

Nigel: "She gives you the language, but you as dancers need to interpret that language."
Mary: "You guys came prepared, and your opportunity hit when you pulled Sonya."
L'il C: "You guys are also a power couple in this competition, murdering every week." "Buckness."
Kristin: "Ricky, your turnouts..." "Ryan, you're just a beautiful dancer."

Jordan and Tadd

Jordan used to growl at people. Tadd was a nerd. They're doing hip hop, as choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.

So this is like reverse stripping? Talk about adding an unnecessary element of difficulty to a dance. But it is good for the performance. These dancers definitely count as fun. Fast too. Are they supposed to be recreating what happened in the bed the night before? Kind of amusing if they were. That was fun.

Nigel: "The actual story of the dance overwhelmed the dance, but it didn't matter because it was great fun."
Mary: "You just put the whammy on all of us right now."
L'il C: "Loved it, loved the concept, loved the execution of it." "You gotta make sure you're using every section of your body."
Kristin: "Shut. The. Front. Door." "...All of the doors." "You're amazing, and you know what, that's dessert."

Group 2

Dee Caspary choreographed this contemporary piece about... poisoning people? OK then...

At least we can see this one. I like lighting. The beginning almost looks quaint with the style of dancing and the costumes. This is definitely the prettiest murder I've seen. Almost makes you want to drink poison and die a horrible death filled with well-choreographed convulsions. Almost.

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What was your favorite dance? Least favorite? Are any of the dancers standing out as front-runners to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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