'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Week 2 Dances
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Week 2 Dances
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It's like deja vu, all over again, for week 2 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Just like last week, there are 20 dancers taking to the stage in an attempt to win praise and votes for their performances. The individual dancers are the same. The couples are the same. Will the outcome be any different?

Well, probably. After all, the show needs to eliminate a whopping four dancers after the performances tonight. Will the pressure create brilliant work? Or will some of the performers crack under the pressure?

I know I'd crack. But that's why they dance, and I write. There's much less pressure that way.

What can we expect tonight? Considering the styles pulled last week, it's likely that we'll be seeing a lot more dancers abandoning their dances of choice and attempting unfamiliar performance styles. Plus, we are hopefully going to see all 20 dancers in good enough shape to take to the stage. The couples will remain the same, so it will be interesting to see which couples have gelled and which still struggle to find a connection.

The judging panel, unlike the slate of dancers, will be changing this week. The guest judge for week 2, sitting alongside Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, is Debbie Reynolds. If there's any sort of Singin' in the Rain shout-out, I'll be awfully happy.

But enough of this preliminary stuff. To the dancing!

Also to a performance from LMFAO. Ah, bands with acronyms for names! Although I have to say that LMFAO is the first band I've heard of with a Internet-based acronym name. I'd be more impressed with an OMGWTFBBQ or something, but I suppose this works.

As you may have guessed, I know nothing about this musical act.

Ummmm... We seem to be pre-empted by the President. Typical. I'm sure there will be dancing later.

OK, he's done now. At least it was a quick announcement of major world events. A long announcement would have cut into our SYTYCD time. That's not acceptable.

No one as blond as Cat should be able to where such a yellow dress. She really is magical, isn't she?

It would be very, very bad if Debbie Reynolds died before the end of the show. Ooooohhh!!! Singin' in the Rain clip!!! Raincoat dance!

It looks like Ricky and Ryan are the first dancers this week!

Ryan has fast-growing leg hair, and Ricky's full name is Roderick. They'll be dancing jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore.

The dance is to that "Addicted to Love" song, which makes me think they're not doing it right (expressionless swaying women seem right). As it is, this is a very athletic and technical-looking dance. If there's anything wrong, it's that the individual moves look a little disconnected. That might be the style, but I'm going to guess it's the dancers this time. Overall, it's pretty good though.

Nigel: "That was so raunchy!" "You could feel the sexual tension! It was like something between Mary and I!"
Mary: "I am so happy that wasn't too X-rated." "Ryan, you were so strong..." "Ricky, wow! You just were in the character the whole time!"
Debbie: "I've never seen anybody dance sexier. I mean, you fell out of your top, and you fell out of your bottom..."

Nope. It was the style. Shows what I know.

Mitchell and Caitlynn are next.

They're dancing what I think is contemporary, as choreographed by Stacey Tookey. I can't be totally sure, since my Internet connection decided against it. Stupid technology.

This is very emotive and beautiful, even if it is sad. I can't help but see Caitlynn as a little girl, which doesn't work quite so well. But, when I can overlook that, it's beautiful. I like the armchairs.

Caitlynn: "Mitchell accidentally punched me. It's OK."

Nigel: "For me, dance is the language of the soul, and that's what came across tonight."
Mary: "Mitchell, I'm just so grateful the show decided to let everybody stay... You were just so amazing! The chemistry between the two of you is just amazing." "Caitlynn, you just defy gravity."
Debbie: "You were both so beautiful and so dramatic, you gave your all. I mean, you bled for us."
Missy and Wadi are the next dancers.

Wadi has used hair-removal cream on his chest. Missy laughs weird.

Jean-Marc Genereux has choreographed their cha-cha routine for the week.

They don't seem so comfortable with the dance style in practice. It's a dramatic start to the cha-cha. Wadi doesn't look quite so comfortable with his positioning. Missy is a little more natural-looking. They seem to be hitting their steps, just with something a wee bit off. Maybe it's that it seems just a millisecond too slow throughout. It's pretty good, considering they didn't know what they're doing, but this couple may be in trouble.

Nigel: "I'm going to keep it real, Wadi, I'm afraid." "When it came to the actual technique of it, there's an awful lot that is missing." "Missy, you were everything I could have hoped!"
Mary: "The beginning was absolutely spectacular." "Wadi, you did fall short tonight." "Missy, you are the cha-cha queen! You owned it up there!" "I hate to say it, but it looked a little bit like Dancing with the Stars up there..."
Debbie: "You never did the cha-cha before? Well, you chewed it up. Muy bueno!"

Nick and Iveta are lucky(?) enough to get the first Bollywood dance of the season!

Iveta talks to herself in the mirror. Nick wears shorts, showing off his "chicken legs."

Nakul Dev Mahajan is the choreographer for a piece that seems likely to terrify the dancers. At least it made the SYTYCD graphics person happy enough to animate like crazy.

I like the costumes. It's an interesting beginning. Then it gets really fast. Iveta looks like she might be working too hard. Granted, I think she might be dancing better than Nick. On the flipside, Nick looks like he's having great fun doing something he doesn't understand. That may be the whole problem -- they don't understand what they're doing or why they're doing it. It's a lot of fun to watch, but it doesn't seem to have the emotion of other dances.

Nigel: "I think you did a really good job."
Mary: "I'm a fan of these two, and I'm a fan of these two dancing." "Iveta, you just shine up there." "I had a lot of fun just watching this number."
Debbie: "I feel 20 years younger! You were wonderful, you were terrific." "To do this kind of dancing would just freak me out."

Next up, we've got Robert and Miranda.

Robert really, really likes professional wrestling. Miranda has a crush on Tadd.

Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo are choreographing this hip-hop dance. Which is somehow about little birds growing up or something like that.

They don't look much like any birds I've ever seen. But since I've rarely seen birds doing hip hop, that makes sense. Birds aside, the dance looks pretty neat. It's fast and weirdly choppy in a way that totally works. They're making it look incredibly easy, but I'm going to guess that it's not at all. And, ummm... Where did they flip to at the end of that? It looked like they just disappeared.

Nigel: "I really loved tonight's routine, I must say." "Tonight, you shocked me... because I think you may be the best contemporary dancer I've seen do hip hop." "Robert, you were great tonight... You just put your dance where your mouth is."
Mary: "I always get nervous when animals may be imitated on the show... But this absolutely worked for you!" "Robert... I think you did an amazing job doing this choreography tonight." "Miranda, who are you right now?! You were hard-hitting, you were just sharp."
Debbie: "They're just fabulous. You were so tough, and you were so great."

Debbie Reynolds does a scary-good Woody Woodpecker impression.

Jess and Clarice will dance contemporary next.

Clarice sleeps with her eyes open, and Jess draws extensive stick-figure orchestras. These dancers will do a royalty-themed contemporary routine from Stacey Tookey.

It's certainly pretty. They keep reminding me of different toys -- toy soldiers, marionettes, rag dolls... There are a couple of slower transitions than would be perfect, but it's pretty minor. Overall, this is lovely but lacking some of the passion that made a couple of other dances stand out.

Nigel: "I did enjoy parts of it." "I loved the work that you did separately... Sometimes where you came together... it felt a little uncomfortable to me."
Mary: "Jess, your emotions tonight were just perfect, right along with your great dancing." "Clarice... you are absolutely stunning. I've said it before, you're a beautiful dancer."
Debbie: "I just think they were so wonderful. They just touched my heart, so I think I'm going to take you both home with Wadi."

Jordan and Tadd are up now.

Tadd doesn't think Jordan is the brightest crayon in the box. Tadd has packing OCD.

They will be dancing a Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Paul Genereux.


It's a very exuberant beginning for a Viennese waltz. Lovely spinning. It's a little hard to see, thanks to the dim lighting. But what is visible is very beautiful. It is hard to pay any attention to Tadd, because the choreography is definitely highlighting Jordan over him. There's nothing noticeably wrong with his dancing. Overall, that was lovely. No clue about the technical stuff though.

Nigel: "That was just so beautiful." "Jordan, you're just such a beautiful dancer." "Tadd, you worry me... Because if Debbie takes you home tonight, we needn't worry about cutting anybody tomorrow... I need to remind you that you are a b-boy."
Mary: "Tadd, you are for me the biggest surprise of the season right now!" "Jordan, you have just transformed yourself into one of the best ballroom dancers tonight."
Debbie: "You were just as wonderful as they." (referring to basically every famous dancer of classic films)

Melanie and Marko have the next dance.

Melanie doesn't like people touching her ears. Marko reads romance novels. Could they have cuter flaws?

They'll be dancing a hat-heavy jazz dance from Mandy Moore.

There is now more charisma on the stage than should be allowed. Marko's dancing is very heavy on the flips, which may count against him. But they're lots of fun to watch. Melanie looks nice and jazzy in her moves. The two dancers look like they might be slightly off in a couple of moments (especially when things speed up), but it's not a big problem. Terrible music though.

Nigel: "I think you two are stars." "It's just a perfect combination."
Mary: "Wow." "Everyone has a voice when they dance, and you guys are speaking loud and clearly!" "I feel like you're going to be able to take on anything we throw at you."
Debbie: "You're both great stars. I'll never worry about the musical stars of today, because you are it."

Alexander and Sasha are the dancers up next.

Sasha sweats a lot, while Alexander loves to admire his own reflection.

They're dancing a hip-hop piece with Nappy-Tabs.

Is this hip hop or contemporary? Honestly, it could be either at the beginning. It's looking more like contemporary, and then it goes into some hip hop. The combination does work. Most of the dancers would have trouble making the jerky movements look good, but they're definitely making it work and infusing the dance with way more emotion than I would have expected. That was actually kind of exciting.

Nigel: "You showed all of the passion and the emotion that one imagines will come with those reunions."
Mary: "This is definitely a story that was too close." "I could just feel it."
Debbie: "You were not only asked to come out and dance beautifully... But you had to act."

Chris and Ashley are the last dancers.

Chris has a creepy serial-killer smile. Ashley has an inflated opinion of her hip-hop clothing.

The dance is in the Broadway style choreographed by Spencer Liff.

You've got to love a dance that starts upside-down. The beginning keeps them apart for too long. But then they get together. Ashley definitely has the "sexy" part of the dance down cold, since she's believable as a jailhouse girlfriend. Chris, despite some impressive acrobatics, seems less noticeable. It probably doesn't help that he's behind the bars the whole time. Overall, this was good but not my favorite.

Nigel: "I can only stand back and admire." "You were absolutely fantastic."
Mary: "Let this man go! Let this man go! Because he needs to get over to Debbie's house." "You two are on the hot-tamale train! WooooooooOoo!"
Debbie: "Elvis Presley made it famous, but look what you did for it tonight."

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That's the week 2 dances! Which dancers were good enough to survive the double-cut tomorrow night? Which pairs are in danger of elimination? And who is going home with Debbie Reynolds? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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