'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Las Vegas Callbacks
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Las Vegas Callbacks
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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All of those auditions... So many hopeful dancers appeared to vie for a spot in Las Vegas, and here we are! Sin City! Of course, the dancers aren't going to be doing a lot of sinning if they want to stay on So You Think You Can Dance much longer. It's all dancing from here!

Which of the dancers have a chance at making it into the Top 20? Which dancers will find out that they cannot, in fact, dance? Keep reading to find out!

There are 160 dancers going into the Las Vegas callbacks. 140 of them will be leaving, dreams crushed, hopefully to dance another day. I know I already have my favorites, so I'm getting ready to be a little crushed myself. Just not as crushed as if this were my dream. (It's not. I really, really can't dance. So this would be a stupid dream for me.)

But enough musing on the nature of success and failure! To the dancing!

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Ready! Here we go then!

Day 1

The judges for Las Vegas are:

Robin Antin
Adam Shankman (on crutches)
Debbie Allen
Tyce Diorio
Mary Murphy
Nigel Lythgoe

Enough about them though. It's time for the dancers!

Iveta Lukosiute: Ballroom
At least, it's supposed to be ballroom. Iveta is wearing a stripper/cop costume and dancing alone out there. Also, she's dancing to music from Chicago. That's awesome. Whether I can identify the style or not, it's pretty awesome. Strippers don't usually dance like that.

Marlon Pelayo: Something in a Unitard
Hand-painted, mom-made unitard in place, Marlon starts dancing. It's a little bit odd. And we don't get to see much of it. The judges don't like the unitard. Hard to say if they liked the dance.

After 15 dancers go, names are called. The unfortunate named group turns out to be the rejects and includes Marlon (and his unitard). Debbie Allen in particular does not like the unitard. That's seven dancers down.

Marlon isn't happy.

More dancers get to perform, leading to way more tears from dancer after dancer. Sadness. OK, happiness now! Hopefully.

Wadi Jones: Break-dancing
You've got to admire a b-boy who goes for the slow start instead of impressing with tricks immediately. That was nice.

This is followed by the many dances that make the judges happy. It's not only going to be tears.

Hey, the sisters are back! It hasn't been so long... They were at the end of the LA auditions and now we get them at the end of the first Las Vegas round. Very symmetrical.

Sasha and Natalia Mallory: African-modern jazzy stuff
They're still not perfectly in sync, but I'm not sure that's what they go for. It's certainly energetic and somehow, it works with the two of them.

After the first round, the group is down to 114 dancers. That's all that remains to move on to the hip-hop round.

Chyna Smith (from the Salt Lake auditions) is back. This time she's wearing hip-hop clothes. This is necessary for the Tabitha/Napoleon-choreographed dance. It's tough for Chyna.

Uh-oh! Someone is hurt! And it's Wadi Jones with cramps throughout his legs. That can't be good.

Chyna and less-notable dancers take the stage. The main comment on Chyna seems to be "What the hell is she doing?" Still, Chyna gets to stay, apparently because she's pretty and stuff.

The judges aren't too happy, cutting Hero McCrae, Princess Lockeroo, Patty Anne Miller and a bunch of others.

Wadi Miller gets himself onto the stage eventually and hobbles his way into the next round. Hip hop got good after that.

At the very end of the day, the eight dancers given second chances take the stage again, trying to prove that they have what it takes to stay in the competition. But do they?

Actually they do. All eight make it through.

Day 2

And it's time for Broadway!

Tyce Diorio is choreographing this time, and the women are dancing hot and dirty stuff. The men are doing... something else. It doesn't seem so clear to everyone.

By the way, Jason Gilkison is sitting in for Adam Shankman at the moment.

Wadi Jones and Jordan Casanova are performing alongside a couple of very short dancers whose names I totally missed. They'll probably make the Top 20 now, just to spite me. It's kind of a pretty cool number.

Jessica, the very short girl, gets through, as does Virgil, the short guy. Jordan is beloved by the judges and skips off the stage, and Wadi follows suit.

Pretty much every dancer we've heard of from the city auditions make it through to the next round with style.

Rebecca Hart and Jeremiah Hughes, both of whom have done this before, are dancing next. Ooh... Jeremiah got all angry before. This time, however, he gets to be happy due to getting through. Alas, a teary Rebecca does not get through.

In the end, 14 dancers are out.

The ballroom section, featuring the jive, comes next. Jason Gilkison is choreographing, and it definitely does look pretty tough.

The dance is especially hard for some. Natalia gets the spotlight when her partner is a little too small to handle her non-standard dancing physique. Fortunately, the judges recognize that this might be a problem and reassign Natalia to a new, bigger partner.

When she returns to the stage, this time with "The Professor," Natalia is set. She has lots of fun, and the judges are happy to give a pass.

Things are a little tougher for Alexis Mason, little sister to the former SYTYCD champion. Her dance is OK, but the judges want a little more... something. They ask Alexis to dance for her life.

Poor, too-young Alexis has to dance for her life now. The dance is in contemporary, which is Alexis' style. Can't hurt. It's very pretty, but is it enough for the judges (three of them anyway)? Nigel says no, Mary says yes, Tyce goes with yes, Debbie compares Alexis to a diamond with a yes. And Alexis stays in!

At the very end of the second day, there are 39 guys and 35 girls. But wait! It's not the end of the second day yet! It's time for the group dances.

All of the dancers end up in groups of four or five with a CD and the time before morning to choreograph. Of course, the conflict begins to grow.

Morning does dawn, as it always must. It appears that just about everyone is still standing. Except for Natalia, who's feeling kind of dizzy. Even when the dances re-commence, Natalia is left sitting with the medics.

Bridget, Caitlynn, Ricky, Clarice and Wadi make up the first group on the stage. That's four contemporary dancers and a b-boy. They had actually good choreography and rehearsals. Does that mean a good or bad performance? They definitely start out strong, with some fun and personality. It's pretty much a perfect interpretation of the music there.

The judges rave about their homage to classic choreographers like Bob Fosse. The group easily makes it through.

They're followed by a rush of good groups from which only seven dancers get cut.

Around noon, it's time for another featured group: Natalia, D.C., Arielle, Dashi and Jordan are up. Ah, the group had troubles early in the night. During the troubles, we get a further reason to adore Natalia, who seems to have made peace.

It's a bit of an odd dance, very harsh with a slow start. Once they get into it, the smoothness seems to return. It's a little less rhythmic than some, but it seems to work for them.

The judges are seriously impressed by the musicality of it all. They especially love Natalia. As well they should. D.C., meanwhile, is moved to incomprehensibility.

Ah, the dancers get a wee break at the pool. All too soon, it ends for the 67 dancers. Time for Contemporary! The choreographer is Travis Wall, which seems to make all of dancers pretty terrified.

Ryan Ramirez seems to pull her back, ending up off-stage with an ice pack. Yikes, might be a broken tailbone. She gets sent off to the hospital for evaluation. Poor Natalia isn't feeling too great either. Natalia is off to the hospital, much to the worry and dismay of Sasha.

Sasha, the Professor and a few others are in the first group to perform. And wow, it's pretty. This is danced to an instrumental version of a pop song I know... Oh right. Coldplay's "Yellow." That worked.

Despite her worries, Sasha gets through to the next round of competition, as does Bryce (that would be the Professor). Robert Taylor Jr, Wadi and Little O make it through. And Ryan Ramirez is back, apparently OK enough to dance what she doesn't know.

With much murmuring from the judges, they shove her through to the next round with happiness.

Then the tears start, mostly from the happy people who get through.

It's time for the final round of dances, this time including Jeremiah and Arielle Coker (last featured in LA) -- who have both been cut here before -- and D.C. Chapman.

Great deliberation precedes any word from the judges. Arielle gets cut and pretty much exemplifies the concept of shock. Jeremiah, on the other hand, gets through to the next round. He's super-happy, in the crying and teary way that seems standard at this point. D.C. also faces a cut and can't face it. His tears still manage to get Debbie Allen super-ready to help him out (she'd better!).

In all, 12 dancers (including Chyna Smith) don't make it through the contemporary round. This brings the group down to 55 dancers.

Natalia returns at this point, more or less OK for the moment. She may have diabetes. In a stroke of great luck, Natalia gets a pass through contemporary and into her solo. Said solo is unsurprisingly exuberant.

Natalia is followed by a whole bunch of solos. Jazz dancer Clarice Ordaz is one of them. It's a pretty neat performance, possibly one of the most fluid-looking performance I've seen so far.

Now, it's time for the girls to face some final cuts. Chelsea gets cut. Then Natalia actually makes me tear up. Stop it, Natalia! Stop it! Stop being so absolutely amazing! At the end of that line-up, Natalia, Sasha and five dancers make it.

After the solos, 24 dancers are sent home. Kimalee Piedad, Chase Thomas and Amber Williams are among those kicked off. Those that remain get to party in a nutty suite upstairs. Following all that happiness, Alexis Mason is back on the stage. She's all dramatic this time. Also flexible.

Is it enough? Nope. Alexis is done. She seems pretty OK with that.

In all, 31 dancers get to party in the upstairs suite. And by party, I mean party. For dancers, this obviously involves dancing.

But 11 of them are still doomed to failure. Only 20 can make it into the competition? Which will it be? We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

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Who were your favorites tonight? Was there anyone you though should have remained in the competition? Any guesses as to the Top 20? Let us know in the comments section below!

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