'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Salt Lake and New York Auditions
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Salt Lake and New York Auditions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The So You Think You Can Dance auditions are back for the second episode, and this time we get to see dance hopefuls from Salt Lake City and New York City. Will the auditioning performers live up to the high standards set in Atlanta and San Francisco last week? We'll just have to watch and find out.

If you missed last week's auditions, don't worry -- we've got you covered. Click here for our full recap of the Atlanta/San Francisco auditions. There were some impressive standouts in the first round, and you don't want to miss them.

All caught up then? Great, because it's time for the...

Salt Lake City Auditions

Ah, Salt Lake City! Where it appears to have been extremely cold for the SYTYCD auditions. Dancers in parkas and all. At least they let them inside pretty quickly.

Robin Antin (of the Pussycat Dolls) will be a guest judge for Salt Lake City, along with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. And the first contestants of the night are...

Devon McCullough and Micah Clark: Step-Dancing

Kind of cool and different, especially since they have absolutely no music going on with this. It's all rhythm and matching each others' beats. Very neat.

Nigel: "I'd love to see you do the choreography later."
Mary: "You guys are a lot of fun for sure."
Robin: "There's no room for error. You guys have your thing so down!"

Devon and Micah head off happily to choreography.

Chyna Smith: Probably Contemporary

She's a serious super-fan apparently. A lot of name-dropping is happening. She comes from where the potatoes grow. I like potatoes. She's a pretty fierce dancer, with a lot of jerky movements. I kind of like it, but I'm not sure what they're working for. Also, there's cool acrobatics in the middle. I like the weird music.

Nigel: "I think you've got a star-quality about your work." "You went through a gamut of emotions with it."
Mary: "I think you have the technique underneath, I think there are so many things that you can do."
Robin: "I would definitely put you at the top of my list [for the Pussycat Dolls]."

And an ecstatic Chyna gets her Las Vegas ticket while attacking Nigel.

Shockingly, there are many blond-haired people in Salt Lake City. Except that the next dancer has red hair.

Annie Gratton: Ballet or Contemporary or Something

There's definitely a lot of energy there. I'm honestly not entirely sure what style this is. It might be a very energetic ballet dance, or something modern. Maybe jazz. Whatever it is, it's crazy. Pretty good too.

Nigel: "You were fiery there, darling."
Mary: "You were just eatin' us up as well! We can't deny somebody like that."
Robin: "It's like take the bull by the horns, and that's exactly what you did."

Awww ... Daddy comes on stage to dance with his daughter. He's a pretty impressive dancer himself. And then Annie gets her ticket to Las Vegas. Along with her father, Francois... (Even though he's officially way too old).

Salt Lake City then becomes a lady-fest, much to the delight of Robin, who seems likely to cast a full host of Pussycat Dolls from the dancers.

But then there's a boy.

Tadd Gadduang: More or Less Breakdancing

He's dancing upside-down. Seriously. Upside-down. And then there's a bizarre Charlie Chaplin bit. I honestly have no idea of what's going on now. It's very entertaining, whatever it may be. Not that Tadd can keep it on the stage. A full half of the routine was down by the footlights.

Nigel: "So much going on there, it was just completely and utterly entertaining."
Mary: "Absolutely fantabulous ... fantastic!" "You're an artist in what you do."
Robin: "It's just so much fun to watch."

Whatever Tadd did, he did it well, because the b-boy is going to Vegas!

Eek! Injuries! This is the side of dancing that I don't want to see so much. Scary stuff. At least it makes Cat happy. And then it's time for the last dancer.

Samantha Hiller: Contemporary

You can get amnesia from mono? That's freaky. So, did she get her memories back? Oh, apparently not. This sounds like weird brain damage... She can, however, still dance. Does that get into the realm of memories being stored in different parts of the brain? Seriously, this girl is a grinner. Lots of smiles. Not the most dramatic performance, but good.

Nigel: "We'd love to see you dance. Thank you very much." "You've got a lovely, relaxed style to you."
Mary: "I think you're very talented."
Robin: "It was beautiful. I think you've got a lot to learn."

Samantha gets sent to choreography amidst the memory jokes.

In total, 24 dancers got sent to choreography. Samantha gets sent home, Micah follows suit, but Devon gets a ticket to Las Vegas. Along with him are seven other choreography people.

And it's time for day 2 in Salt Lake City.

Chase Thomas: Contemporary

He's basically naked. This doesn't even seem like just a ploy. He explains it in a pretty rational way. And his fiancee cheated on him. That sucks. Of course, he's already gone and gotten married, so it's OK. Man, this guy has a lot of muscles. The dance is slower than most but kind of incredible anyway. It's kind of cool to see muscles like that in action. We're talking Renaissance-statue territory here. You know, if the statues started dancing instead of just standing there.

Nigel: "We just didn't get enough of it."
Mary: Silent holding up of ticket.
Robin: Silent holding up of ticket.

Obviously, Chase is going straight to Las Vegas, clothed or not.

This is followed by a bunch of guys dancing really, really well. Which means it's time for the crazy girl.

Brittany Starr: Probaby Hip-Hop

"The Ringo Starr you see on television is not the real Ringo Starr." Seriously. Oh my, this is the best conspiracy theory ever. Ooohhh... There are evil twins involved in this! Wait, is she joking?

I'm not so sure that this lady can dance. She can tell a story, but she can't dance so well. It's kind of like that crazy person at a club just got on stage.

Nigel: "I think you're a really good entertainer."
Mary: "Brittany, I certainly like your spirit, but you are slightly delusional."
Robin: "It's hard for me to critique you, because you don't have dance experience."

Despite her stories and craziness, Brittany got a no from the judges.

While nine dancers from choreography get Vegas tickets, the SYTYCD producers can't let the Beatles story go. So they went to Brittany's house. A man in a bright, shiny, red uniform answers the door. He claims to be British, without an accent. He made documentary about his "life."

If this isn't an act, these are possibly the craziest people in the universe.

But enough of that. On now to the...

New York City Auditions

Wow. They went all over the city for those promos. And then they found an unintelligible guy to scream. And the judges for this city are choreographer Jason Gilkison, along with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

Princess Lockeroo (Samara Cohen): Wacking

Or is it Whacking. I am not familiar with this style. It looks kind of like vogueing. Only on a sugar-high. She mentioned helicopters, and I get that now. This is definitely a different style, but it totally works. I'd watch this way more often. If only to try to keep track of the hands better.

Nigel: "There were parts of that that were just sensational." "I would literally pick the phone up for you."
Mary: "You are the whacking diva! You are a diva out there!"
Jason: "I just loved every second of it."
The awe of the judges easily translates into a Las Vegas ticket.

Brandon Jones: Contemporary Lyrical

The audience loves this guy. Even before he starts. This dance seems to involve a lot of the dance version of skipping. And I mean that in the best possible way. I like skipping -- and it rarely looks this good.

Nigel: "You have wonderful technique... You're a joy to watch. Tremendous."
Mary: "... Inspires so many thousands of dancers with that beautiful technique that you have."
Jason: "You can't argue with that reaction from the audience."

Amidst shouts from the crowd, Brandon gets his Vegas ticket. And then he immediately loses it on the street.

Brian ("Hollow Dreams") Henry: Crumping

Is it crumping or krumping? I've never known and am too lazy to look it up right now. He's very quick, with the jerky motions I would expect. It seems to be a little more of a storytelling dance then many I've seen. And his shirt came off. Excellent choice. I don't know if I get the style, but the dance was pretty cool.

Nigel: "Can you try and make it look a bit more masculine next time?" (Not possible.) "The passion with which you danced was tremendous."
Mary: "Brian, would you put on your shirt please, otherwise I might not be able to focus on my critique." "Be careful when you knock fellow dancers who have come before you."
Jason: "I think we all agree, what you did was entertaining."

Brian goes off to choreography to prove he can be pretty too.

Mary Kate Sheehan: Irish Step Dancing

Hey, we get a history of step dancing! Cool. Correct or not. The music seems a little off the dance, but the dancing is really quite pretty and more impressive than most step dancing you see at the average festival.

Nigel: "You've got that lovely bounce to that."
Mary: "You are so powerful, you make it look so effortless, you make me feel so proud to be Irish."
Jason: "I hope they can capture on camera your movement across this floor."

The judges happily send Mary Kate to choreography.

The afternoon doesn't have the happiness of the morning, unfortunately. Nigel is particularly unhappy. And, in typical New Yorker fashion, the dancers are vocally displeased about this.

Virgil "Lil O" Gadson: Breakdancing

This is more of that funky dancing. Again, I'm not sure what it is. I'm going to guess breakdancing, thanks to a few of those recognizable moves. But mostly it's just funky and fun. The guy has an awesome smile too. So cute!

Nigel: "You are not just a dancer, you're a performer. They are the ones who do so well on this program."
Mary: "I think this New York crowd fell in love with you. I think America would fall in love with you."
Jason: "I thought that was fantastic."

They don't even care about proof in choreography this time and hand over Lil O's Las Vegas ticket instead.

Over in choreography, the dancers have to prove themselves like crazy. Mary Kate squeaks through to a Las Vegas ticket, as does Brian and a bunch of others.

It's day two now, where the laws of TV physics allow the show to refer to Brooklyn as Broadway. Hey, why not?

Jess LeProtto: Musical Theater/Jazz

He said "Okey-doke." Love him already. This does look a lot like something you'd see on stage. It doesn't seem to match the music perfectly all the time, but it's always pretty good, very entertaining dancing. And several things that shouldn't be possible just happened.

Nigel: "I'd like to see you appearing to enjoy it more."
Mary: "You do have fabulous technique."
Jason: "I loved it. But when you came out, I thought it was going to be a no-brainer."

The judges send Jess to choreography.

Kristen Dobson: Latin

It's nice to see a style I know again. She seems to be pretty good. The smoothness wasn't always there, but the dancing looks good overall. Possibly that's a few too many tricks for traditional dancing like that. But what do I know?

Nigel: "Yes to choreography for me. I want to see what else you have."
Mary: "I think you're doing remarkable for three years."
Jason: "There were many pluses in there, and also a few minuses."

Kristen manages a trip to choreography from the judges.

Robert Taylor Jr.: Maybe Hip-Hop

He says "Woo" a lot. Woo! Ah, it's Robert's last year of eligibility.This seems to be some very techno-heavy version of hip hop. It's very odd. But kind of cool and the dance steps match the music absolutely perfectly. Not many of the dancers seem to manage that.

Nigel: "It's so good to see somebody put their personality into their dance."
Mary: "You have been the most entertaining person today."
Jason: "It never got boring once. Loved it, loved it, loved it."

Robert gets his ticket to Las Vegas!

The final choreography performance of the New York auditions ends with Jess and Kristen getting tickets for Vegas along with 17 day-two dancers.

And that's it until tomorrow night's Los Angeles auditions!

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