'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: All About the Ladies
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: All About the Ladies
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is only appropriate to begin tonight's recap with the wise words of Kool and the Gang: "Oh yes it's ladies night, and the feeling's right. Oh yes it's ladies night. Oh what a night." And oh what a night it was if you were a lady auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance. While there were a handful of talented ovary-less dancers featured tonight, they were over-shadowed by the parade of stunning women who took the stage and promptly collected their tickets to Las Vegas. It might not have been the oft-predicted "Year of the Ladies" on American Idol, but it's looking like it could be on its dance cousin So You Think You Can Dance. If SYTYCDism's Top 10 spoilers are right (and they usually are) we met four of the five women who will be dancing alongside All-Star partners this season, and they all hail from Los Angeles.

Along with some truly lovely ladies came the usual parade of floor rolling contemporary dancers, made-up genres, a new interpretation of the Urkel dance and two stories so touching they almost made up for the inclusion of this year's SEX. These are the ladies (and a few fellows) you should keep your eyes on in Las Vegas and beyond, as well as the best of the rest and hopefully the first and last time we ever lay eyes on "Hella Hung."

Who's Going to Las Vegas from the Los Angeles Auditions?

Lauren Froderman:
This barely legal cheerleader promised a "kid appropriate sexy routine." Which doesn't exist, especially when dancing to "Let's Get it On" ... but Lauren was more than just sex for sexiness' sake. Her audition showed off cat-like flexibility and agility that sent her straight through to Vegas.

billybellbloddyboy.JPGChristina Santana: Those of you who watched season 6 with me remember Christina Santana as Billy Bell's near nose breaker. Despite bloodying my personal favorite, Christina was so sizzling on the dance floor we forgave her instantly. This spicy salsa dancer is back this season and she is definitely extra hot.

Rachel Girma:
Rachel stunned the always-adorable Cat Deeley by saying that she'd only been dancing for two weeks, but fear not, she's not one of those cover your eyes trainwrecks. A former Olympic hopeful in rhythmic gymnastics, Rachel attacked her audition like it was a battle to the death in an intensely athletic audition that showed great promise.

Alexie Agdeppa:  I actually screamed at my TV last year when Alexie didn't make the Top 20. If she doesn't make the Top 10 this year, expect my TV to go out the window. Her audition was slinky and stunning, showing off equal parts strength and style.

hiptap.JPGMelinda Sullivan - Three words: hipster tap dancer. Melinda auditioned in combat boots fixed with taps in a routine that was rhythmically pleasing but visually unappealing. However, her strong showing and beautiful extension in the choreography round proved that long before Melinda was lacing up combat boots, she was lacing up pointe shoes.

Ryan Ramirez: The most extraordinary thing about Ryan is that she has assisted Mia Michaels' on So You Think You Can Dance during season 4.

Who's Going to Las Vegas from the Chicago Auditions?

Kent Boyd: All you need to know is that Kent from Wapakoneta, Ohio dances like Jakob Karr without the emotional stoicism. His combination of stunning technique and small town boy charm is going to be a force to be reckoned with if he makes the Top 10.

bawltwin.JPGAndrew Phillips: Andrew, a fraternal twin, dances for his twin brother, who is wheelchair-bound due to spina bifida. As a fellow fraternal twin, I was way too busy bawling to make note of his dance technique, but he's clearly more than just a sweet sob story, because the judges sent him to Vegas.

Adrian Lee:
Danced like a joyful, weightless feather. Even judge and contemporary choreographer Stacey Tookey couldn't contain her delight over Adrian, whistling "Oh, what I could create with this one."

Jarrod Mayo:
This mama's boy danced with surprising moodiness and intensity before charming the judges with manners and a braced smile. He's got lots of potential, but needs another year or two before he'll be Top 10 or 20 material.

Best of the Rest:

urkel2.JPGJarrell Robinson: This deaf hip-hopper had more musicality than most of us with perfect hearing. He may not have made it to Vegas, but he did make us cry.

Christoper Gilbert: AKA Urkel with double-jointed shoulders and mad popping and locking skills. He didn't make it through to Vegas this year, but his dance skills were as sick as his sweater was ridiculous.

Auditions We'll Never Forget, No Matter How Hard We Try:

Hella Hung: Part Karate Kid and part Long Duck Dong, he promises he's "5'1 but a whole lot of fun." He's not. 

Hick-Hop: Half line-dancing, half hip-hop: All terrible.

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