So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking the Top 4 Males
Last week was disappointing for a couple of the remaining guys on So You Think You Can Dance (you know who you are).  Today's rankings will reflect this.  It's unfortunate to say so, but the ladies have outclassed the guys this year, and by what I would consider a fair margin.  The top eight or so girls were great and difficult to separate from each other.  For instance, if it wasn't for her medical maladies, I'd fully expect Jessi Peralta to still be in the competition.  Likewise, Shauna Noland was someone who I believed was unfairly eliminated.  However, it's hard to argue with the four we have left.  But, with the guys, most eliminations have been obvious.  Kameron deserved to go last week.  Hok and Cedric were also understandable choices.  What about this week, then?  It gets a little tougher, and it may all come down to the dance style that each man picks out of their hat.

#4 – Dominic Sandoval

If he gets any sort of ballroom routine this week, I think Dominic will be going home.  He and Sabra had some magic chemistry going for most of the season that elevated both of them, effectively making the sum greater than the parts.  Without her last week, Dominic showed his clear limitations.  If he gets a hip/hop routine this week, that obviously changes things and I see no way he gets eliminated.  Then again, Dominic may have endeared himself to America through his dynamic personality in a way that will see him advance regardless of how well he dances. 

#3 – Danny Tidwell

We all know that Danny is a terrific technical dancer.  That much is clear.  Although he's gotten better recently at showing some life on stage and connecting with the audience, his personality on the dance floor is abysmal compared to the other three dancers.  Anything non-Ballroom may end up killing him this week, and I could easily see America sending him home.  Danny, though, is capable of pulling off a transcendent performance, the likes of which could receive huge praise from the judges and keep him around.  Like Dominic, I think it's going to come down to which dance genre him and his partner pick out of the hat. 

#2 – Neil Haskell

After a slow start to the season, Neil has been incredible for the last month.  Last week's disco routine with Sara was just special and showed off Neil's ridiculous athleticism.  He doesn't seem to have any glaring weaknesses out on the dance floor, but it's curious that he struggles a little bit early on in the season.  He's definitely peaking at the right time.  He's right up there competing with the pole position and it wouldn't surprise me if he were the last guy standing. 

#1 – Pasha Kovalev

Is there any doubt about Pasha's versatility after last week.  The judges were surprised as anyone when he pulled off a hip/hop routine to rave reviews.  No one could have ever expected that.  He hasn't had a bad routine all season, adapts seamlessly to new partners, and appears to just get better as the weeks move along.  As far as I'm concerned, placing him in the number one spot was a no-brainer. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)