'So You Think You Can Dance' Predictions: Which Dancer Will Leave the Top 7?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Predictions: Which Dancer Will Leave the Top 7?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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So You Think You Can Dance season 14 continued its run of amazing performances when the Top 8 took to the stage. It makes it kind of hard to predict who might go home next. This article attempts to do so anyway. Which performer will be out after the Top 7 dancers perform?

The Best Performances

Koine and Marko

There may not have been a story in this couple's jazz dance, but the performance was both fun and amazing.

Lex and Gaby

Lex is a contemporary dancer, so it makes sense that he would be amazing in his own style. The performance did not disappoint.

Logan and Allison

It was a funky and cool hip-hop routine that was danced just about perfectly by the pair.

Taylor and Lex

A couple of birds doing a jazz piece should not seem like a slam dunk, but the judges were floored. After a standing ovation and extreme judge praise, Taylor and Lex may have given the performance of the season.

Koine and Kiki

Kiki was in his element, while Koine was happy to step up to the new style. They both looked amazing as a result.

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Who is in Danger?


While Kaylee's performances received the judges' approval in the most recent round, the fact remains that Kaylee has been in the bottom group more than anyone else. She also ended up dancing a cha-cha (well, but with a partner who struggled) and the part of a shadow.


Mark did well, but he did have Broadway as a style -- that style often fails to bring in the votes. Plus, his dance featured partner Comfort more than Mark.

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Who is Going Home?

The two dancers who appear to be in the most danger after the Top 8 performances are Kaylee and Mark. While the actual elimination will likely be determined by the performances next time, Kaylee seems to be in a little more danger (unless she pulls off some amazing dances). 

Who do you think is going home? Who's most in danger? And who is definitely safe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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