'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 9 Dance and One is Eliminated
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 9 Dance and One is Eliminated
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last time on So You Think You Can Dance, the contestants danced with their All-Stars and left it all on the stage. This group of dancers is supremely talented and are perhaps the best in recent seasons.

But we were also treated to that sad ritual at So You Think You Can Dance that gives me a knot in my stomach: the eliminations. We said goodbye to hip-hopper Robert Green, who was paired with All-Star Jasmine.

Get ready, dance fans! This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We kick off with an animalistic hip-hop dance choreographed by Luther Brown. It's probably not my favorite group routine.

Cat introduces the judges: Mary Murphy, Vanessa Hudgens and Nigel Lythgoe.

Each contestant will dance a duet with their All-Star partner and will also deliver a solo performance. In addition, there will also be two group routines. 

Logan with All-Star Allison
Jive choreographed by Sasha Farber and Emma Slater

In this piece, Logan is a soldier going off to war and Allison is his girl. Logan does a great job with the comedic parts in this number. Mary commends Logan on his fun and bouncy performance. Nigel hopes that he is not in the bottom three again this time. 

How to Vote

You can Super Vote at FOX.com/Dance or on the FOX Now app. Voting begins at the end of the show and is open until 9am PT on Tuesday. Vote!

Solo: Kaylee

Her performance is rather laid-back and character-driven, with Kaylee imploring a lover to return.

Solo: Sydney

She ignites the floor with a sexy cha-cha, complete with fringed red pants.

Koine with All-Star Marko
Hip-hop choreographed by Dave Scott

In this piece, Koine is a pageant queen who is ready to break free. This piece is good and very intricate. Nigel tells Dave Scott that he has turned Koine "into a feral, wild animal." I am not sure, but I think that's a compliment. Vanessa raves about the "grimy" performance.

Dassy with All-Star Fik-Shun
Jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper

Dassy must be sexy for this routine, and she is concerned about her performance. Apparently, Fik-Shun has no concerns in that department (wink, wink). Anyway, the stylized routine is very steamy. Mary loves the funky routine and tells Fik-Shun that choosing Dassy was "the best decision you ever made." Nigel thinks highly of the "naughty" routine.

Solo: Kiki

Kiki's routine is fast and furious as well as sexy.

Mark with All-Star Comfort
Contemporary choreographed by Talia Favia

This number is about being with someone in a relationship that you know must end. This duo conveys emotion with every movement of their bodies. An emotional Mary fights back tears due to the passionate performance. Nigel likes how Mark puts everything that he has into a performance.

Solo: Taylor

Her performance is good but also very slow and methodical.

A Special Guest

Former So You Think You Can Dance judge Maddie Ziegler is in the audience and chats with Cat. Maddie is part of a family-friendly animated movie called Leap. Check it out in theaters on Friday, August 25.

Group Routine By the All-Stars

This contemporary routine, choreographed by Travis Wall, has the dancers performing around an old tree. The shapes in this piece are fantastic. I have chills.

Lex with All-Star Gaby
Broadway choreographed by Warren Carlyle

Lex, in this number, is trying to convince Gaby to have dinner with him. This routine is fun and very fast. This duo earns a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel is thrilled that Lex is showing more of his personality and calls the performance "tremendous." Vanessa praises Lex's body control. All the judges put Gaby and Lex on the hot tamale train.

Solo: Logan

Logan's routine is jam-packed with dramatic movements. It's my favorite solo so far.

Sydney with All-Star Paul
Hip-hop choreographed by Luther Brown

This routine is based on an updated Miami Vice concept. It takes a while for this number to take flight. It's not my favorite routine of the night because there isn't a lot of interaction between Sydney and Paul. Vanessa wants more of "a stank face" from Sydney. Mary says that they did a "respectable job."

The So You Think You Can Dance Tour is Back

This tour will also have some of the All-Stars. The tour starts October 5, and you can get your tickets starting on August 24.

Solo: Koine 

Koine's solo is sexy and confident.

Group Performance: The Top 9

This Broadway-style routine, choreographed by Chris Baldock, is fun and entertaining enough.

Kaylee with All-Star Cyrus
Jazz choreographed by Spencer Liff

This piece is a traditional jazz blended with a futuristic vibe. Liff also gambles on using bowler hats as props. Kaylee and Cyrus are killing it! Nigel enjoys the quirky performance, and he tells Kaylee that she reminded him of Bob Fosse dancers. Vanessa raves about Kaylee's control and her characterization.

Solo: Mark 

Mark's breakdancing solo is set to a slower piece of music, but he scorches the floor.

Taylor with All-Star Robert
Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux

Taylor is a ballroom-novice, and she does a good job. Nigel is missing a romantic connection between this duo. Mary explains that samba is very technical, and Taylor and Robert didn't quite hit the mark.

Solo: Dassy

Dassy crushes this routine with her popping and energy.

Solo: Lex

Lex shines in his own style, and his personality really comes out.

Kiki with All-Star Jenna
Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore

This piece is about love at first sight and its intoxicating quality. It is sensual, emotional and magical. Kiki and Jenna garner a standing ovation from the judges. Vanessa has a case of the giggles over the performance and praises the dancers' chemistry. Mary loves how sensitive and masculine Kiki is, and she is brought to tears. She tells him that he is the best male ballroom dancer to ever perform a contemporary routine on So You Think You Can Dance. Wow! But Nigel gets down to the important part: did Kiki kiss Jenna at the end of the dance? Oh, yes, he did!

Now for some results.
The Bottom Three


Going Home


Note on Voting

For this week only, voting will be open for two full days, so vote for your favorite. 

Do you think that the judges made the right decision by sending Sydney home? Who do you think the frontrunner is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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