So You Think You Can Dance: Lessons Learned in Las Vegas
So You Think You Can Dance: Lessons Learned in Las Vegas
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With 152 talented dancers starting out at Las Vegas, the episode was a whirlwind of talent and disappointments. But above the chaos of the choreography rounds and eliminations, one thing about season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance became clear, in the words of Mia Michaels: "season 6 is going to blow season 5 out of the water." There has never been a more talented group of dancers auditioning for the Top 20...the dancer's you were introduced to tonight will have you saying "Chbeeb-who?" Heck, even the dancer's who were eliminated tonight might have you saying that.

Tonight Las Vegas lived up to being a city that makes stars as fast as it breaks them. It is a city of hard knocks and hard lessons. Don't bet against the house. Don't marry a person you met three hours ago. Don't trust all-you-can eat lobster for under 10 dollars. And when So You Think You Can Dance comes to town, there's a whole new set of hard lessons to be learned.

Lesson 1: Errant Elbows Are Not To Be Trifled With

ohnoes.jpgWithin the first few moments of being paired with his cha cha partner, contemporary dancer Billy Bell took an errant elbow straight to the nose. Cue the gushing blood, the medics, and the excessive replays of the elbow to nose contact. His partner's errant elbow almost broke Billy's nose and kept him out of the entire hour of choreography practice for the cha cha. Luckily, rule number two was specifically written for Billy Bell.

Lesson 2: Billy Bell Don't Need No Stinking Choreography

billycouple.jpgThat's right. With an almost broken nose, what looked to be considerable blood loss, basically zero practice and having never danced the routine with music, Billy Bell still made it through the cha cha with flying colors. (Or should I say shaking hips?) This kid is a natural and definitely proved he has the chops to make it on So You Think You Can Dance.

Lesson 3: When In Doubt, Do Not Climb The Equipment

noclimbing.jpgThomas Hamilton, he of sob story and beautiful contemporary dancing, learned this lesson the hard way. Thomas was so excited for his Las Vegas solo that he completely forgot it. In a fit of improvisation he decided he'd climb the lighting equipment, making Nigel promptly end his audition, and his hopes of making the Top 20.

Lesson 4: Ellenore Scott Will Be In The Top 20

ellenore.jpgWhile we hadn't seen her before Las Vegas, I can say with 100% certainty Ellenore Scott will be in the top 20 for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. Ellenore's Las Vegas solo showed off her sense of humor and star power, as much as it did her flawless technique. Her audition is in my top ten So You Think You Can Dance auditions of all times and had the judges oohing and ahhing over her. After just a few moments on stage, Debbie Allen sat back with a huge contended smile on her face and said, "I can see this girl in the top 20." Me too Debbie, me too.

Lesson 5: Kasprzak's Should Avoid Latin Dances All Together

mugging.jpgDon't take my word for it, just listen to what Nigel Lythgoe had to say about Ryan Kasprzak's cha cha. "It was frightening how stiff you were. It looked like you were going to mug her half way through." Mug her! Sadly, Nigel wasn't just being nasty. Ryan's cha cha was one of the most awkward auditions, EVER. It's a bloody shame because Ryan is incredibly talented at what he does and much like his brother (who should also avoid Latin dances all together) personality oozes out of Ryan's pores. But the Kasprzak charm wasn't enough to make up for the would-be mugging, Ryan was sent home. And the tears of a thousand Kasprzaktivists began.

Lesson 6: Nathan Trasoras Should Have Just Gotten a Ticket To The Top 20 Last Season

nathan.jpgLast season Nathan Trasoras wowed the judges with his unique audition which combined hip hop and contemporary styles. Unfortunately, he was only 17 at the time and thus unable to participate in season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance. However, the judges were so impressed with Nathan, they told him he needn't bother try out for season 6, but just come to Las Vegas week. In reality, they should've just given him a spot in the top 20. Nathan is perfect for So You Think You Can Dance: young, talented, versatile, and gorgeous. He'll be this season's heart throb.

Lesson 7:
World Champions Are Welcome To Audition

maybe30.jpgTurns out the fishy thing about Iveta Lukosiute may not be her age (which I'm still doubting) but the fact she's a fricking world champion! There's a reason this woman's ballroom abilities were so flawless they made Mary Murphy cry--because there's apparently no one in the entire world who can do it better. It hardly seems fair, but man, is it amazing to see.

Lesson 8: There Is Nothing Harder To Be Than A Contemporary Boy

insane.jpgYou better be absolutely flawless if you're a male contemporary dancer auditioning for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. Jonathan Litlzer, who was as adorable as he was talented, did this crazy flip move during his Las Vegas audition and he was still cut. Because according to Debbie Allen, "there are so many young men left who are stronger than you." Yikes. Good luck contemporary dancers!

Lesson 9: Fan Favorites Fail

602SYTYCD-phoenix_05_2263_f.jpgIf you were my favorite in a particular audition city, I am so sorry, because it basically spelled your doom tonight. Multiple fan favorites were given their walking papers during today's Vegas auditions including: Teddy Tedholm, Ryan Kasprzak, Gene Laurette, Thomas Hamilton, Justin Kenney, Jacob Jason (one half of the ballroom boys), Skipper the New Orleans bouncer, (possibly) Megan Kinney, and Allison Becker. I was especially heart broken to see Allison Becker and Teddy Tedholm go. (Come back for season 7, please.)

Lesson 10:
Never Doubt a Krumper (or) Odd Couples Triumph

oddcouple.jpgThe most pleasant surprise of the night, without question, was Krumper Russel Ferguson and his pairing with champion ballroom dancer Iveta. Sure it was an odd couple, but it was a quirky match made in heaven. With natural talent in spades and the help of a very good teacher, Russel killed the cha cha choreography; looking like he was well on his way to the top 10 on So You Think You Can Dance. With just an hour of choreography, Russel looked better than many previous season's contestants do after a week of practice outside of their genre. Get ready season 6, because we've found one of your stars and the reason you never, ever, doubt a krumper: Russel Ferguson.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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