So You Think You Can Dance: Finale Recap
So You Think You Can Dance, you're one smart cookie.  You know how to pack a two hour season finale and keep us interested and entertained which is more than I can say for some other competition-based reality shows.  You know who you are.  We were re-introduced to the top twenty dancers who performed Tyce DiOrio's Lion King piece at the top of the show. 

Throughout the night, the choreographers chose their favorite routines that were performed throughout the season to get on the stage one last time.  Mary Murphy chose first, picking Pasha and Lauren's Transformers-inspired routine choreographed by Shane Sparks.  Also during the night, the best dancers who didn't make the show were also brought back to show off their solos.  Clogger Brandon Norris was the first one out to show off his skills

Nigel Lythgoe picked a fan favorite, the Wade Robson hummingbird piece as his personal choice.  Hok and Jaimie looked as good as they did the first time they performed it.  After that, Jean-Marc Genereaux picked Dominic and Sabra's slow hip hop choreographed by Shane Sparks.  Adam Shankman chose Neil and Sara's disco routine as his favorite.  Sarah had three routines chosen total as favorites, so go Sara!  Popper Brian Gaynor was also brought back to show off his moves from the audition round.

Nigel made a tour announcement during the night: Jesus, Shauna, Anya, and Hok will be joining the top ten as alternates.  The top eight also performed their Matrix-themed routine choreographed by Shane.  The next piece chosen to come back was Danny and Lacey's samba and afterwards, Lacey was abruptly eliminated, coming in fourth. 

Shane Sparks chosen Sara and Pasha's west coast swing as his favorite, which was choreographed by last season's winner, Benji.  Tyce DiOrio chose Danny and Pasha's fox trot.  Toni Meredith chosen Sabra and Neil's table routine, choreographed by Mandy Moore.  Immediately after, Neil is eliminated, coming in third.

All night long, Cat hyped up the fact that she and Nigel were going to dance but in the end, it was their heads superimposed on two little dancing Mexican cartoons.  Nicole Scherzinger and Ryan Cabrera were the musical guests during the evening.  The top ten also performed together as well.

Dan Karaty picked the last routine of the evening and he chose Mia Michaels' flower routine featuring Neil and Lacey.  After that, it was time to choose a winner and America's Favorite Dancer was Sabra Johnson! 

Sabra will be talking to BuddyTV tomorrow so make sure you check back to get her thoughts on the season.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)