So You Think You Can Dance: Final Performance Recap
It's tough to call who really deserves to win So You Think You Can Dance.  Each of the four finalists brings their own set of strengths and weaknesses to the table but tonight, they left it all out on the dance floor.  Now, it's in our hands to decide who America's Favorite Dancer is.  Competing for the $250,000 grand prize are contemporary dancers Sabra Johnson, Danny Tidwell, and Neil Haskell as well as ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer.

The four began the evening with a Tyce DiOrio broadway routine and they all did a great job with it.  They worked together well and it didn't appear anyone was trying to outperform the other.  Throughout the night, before they danced their solos, videos aired of Cat interviewing them so we could learn a little more about them.  Also, all the dancers had the chance to perform with each other throughout the night.

Lacey did her solo first and the judges had mixed reactions to her.  She seemed emotional over the critique or perhaps it's just an overwhelming evening.  After that, Neil and Sabra teamed up for a Shane Sparks hip hop routine which didn't do it for the judges.  Overall, they expressed disappointment, saying they've seen better hip hop performances from the two earlier in the season.

Danny and Lacey came on next with a Viennese Waltz and it was a beautiful routine.  The judges raved about both of them but Lacey faces another tough moment when Danny (jokingly) calls her a liar after she tells a story of how hard she practiced on her technique.

Neil's solo is up next and it's no secret that he's popular with the ladies.  His solo shows how well he is able to mix his gymnastics ability with his dance ability and the judges were fans of what he did.  When he was asked by Cat what winning this competition would mean to him, he said his mind isn't even there yet.  Lacey and Sabra came together for the first time to perform a Wade Robson piece.  The judges didn't get it and Dan said it was a routine people would either love or hate.

After that, Danny did his solo and received a standing ovation, not only from the audience but the judges as well and he gets a little emotional at the end of it.  After a short break, Danny was back on stage again, this time dancing with Neil for the first time.  They went for a masculine piece to please Nigel and succeeded.  The judges were big fans of the routine.

Sabra was the last soloist to perform and the judges continue their high praise for her.  They said she has all the right qualities to pull off a win.  Lacey switched up partners and was paired with Neil for the lindy hop, a difficult and energetic routine.  Dan Karaty summed it up by calling it "entertainment at its best".

Closing the show were Danny and Sabra with a cha cha.  Though they had a few technical problems, the judges are huge fans of them and feel either one could win this thing.

It's tough to say who's going to take the competition but we'll all be tuning in tomorrow night to find out!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)