So You Think You Can Dance: Final 14 Results Show, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
So You Think You Can Dance: Final 14 Results Show, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As much as I love Wednesday night, Thursday always leaves me feeling a little queasy an uneasy. While every elimination this season has been difficult and nerve-racking, tonight's should be especially so. All of the remaining dancers are talented and joy to watch on stage and all of them more likely than not deserve to be in the top 10 and on the So You Think You Can Dance tour, but we have four eliminations before that milestone.

In spite of popularity, I fully expect to see some new faces in the bottom three this week. However, if some of the repeated guests in the Bottom 3 (Caitlin & Jason, Karla & Vitolio) find themselves dancing for their lives, it would have to be an incredible solo to save them. While the pending eliminations are upsetting, one thing about tonight's results show isn't. Of course, I'm talking about Kelly Clarkson being the musical guest, which is our best hope this season to see someone actually sing. As proved last night, the musical guests can leave the lip syncing to Brandon and Janette.

Watch along with me tonight as we discover who will be the latest dancers to be eliminated. I'll be interviewing the eliminated dancers (via email due to the holiday) so please submit your questions for the dancers in the comments or over at BuddyTV's bucc  So You Think You Can Dance Twitter. I wanted to see how bucc sounded in a sentence, and I promise you, I will never do so again, save quoting Lil C. 

10 minutes to show time and Nigel is tweeting about "how tough tonight's show will be," which makes my heart sink a little further. Is there upset in the air tonight?

Cat really doesn't like Thursdays and I'm not sure I like her dress much either. We'll have to take a closer look, but in the shadows it looks like a belted silver burlap sack.

Group Dance - Tyce Diorio - Jazz Piece
Brand New Day
The Wiz Soundtrack

Gigantic frame as a prop, crazy costumes and make up. Super fun dance, I wonder if this is the first MJ related song they were able to get the rights to? Lots of lifts and high kicks in this dance, and man, is it just me or does Kayla's costume make her look like she is dancing buck naked? Everyone is wearing features, I'm not sure I got it--but I did like it. And yep, I'm right, Kayla does look naked.

And stepping into the light Cat's dress is bad -- it's like a disco ball romper. The shape makes it look like it should be made out of terry cloth and something worn to the gym. To her credit, Cat gets right to announcing who is safe and who is in the Bottom three.

Up first,

Vitolio & Karla and Randi & Evan -- one couple is safe, one is in the bottom.

I bet this is the upset, where Randi & Evan, the fan darlings end up in the bottom, and Karla & Vitolio defy all odds and the quickstep kiss of death...but we'll see.

Vitolio & Karla: BOTTOM 3, Dancing for their lives
Randi & Evan: SAFE

Or, I was totally wrong about that one. Man, popularity really pays off on this show. I'm a Randi & Evan fan, but I think they deserved a spot in the Bottom 3 for last night. And ouch Nigel -- these two are familiar with the bottom 3? Nice way to rub that in.

And we're back, and apparently Cat either had a quickie during the break or she did not brush her hair before stepping on stage. I was so distracted by the disco ball disaster, that I didn't notice.

Joining Cat on stage is Brandon & Janette, Kayla & Kupono, and Melissa & Ade 

Hmm...I would think that all three of these pairs would be safe after their dances last night, unless America didn't pick up the phone for Vampires or classical ballet.

Brandon & Janette - SAFE (as they should be for that cha cha last night. Here's a question for you So You Think You Can Dance archivists, has any dance that made the Hot Tamale Train ended up in the Bottom 3? )
Kayla & Kupono -  Bottom 3, Dancing for their lives
Melissa & Ade - SAFE
(America did dance for a classical ballet piece)

Well, at least Mia and I are in agreement about our shock. Kayla & Kupono danced the best dance of the night last night, and they're in the Bottom 3? So strange. Mia says the show can't loose K2, that they are what the show is all about.

This has me wondering, in spite of performances, is it just going to be the same old same old in the bottom 3? Are people not voting on performances? 


--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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