So You Think You Can Dance: BuddyTV Readers React to the Top 4
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last night, in front of an empty studio, Pasha Kovalev and Lauren Gottlieb were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance, setting the stage for the final four.  Wednesday night at 8pm, Neil Haskell, Danny Tidwell, Sabra Johnson and Lacey Schwimmer will perform, and the show's winner will be announced on the two-hours Thursday night results show.

As Pasha and Lauren were being eliminated, BuddyTV readers were erupting with their reactions.  Did they deserve to go, or were others unworthy of being in the final four?  Will a male or female dancer win it all, and will the So You Think You Can Dance crown stay in the family?  Read on to find out what your fellow BuddyTV readers have been saying.

Pasha's elimination has split the readers in half.  After he was eliminated, Jonathon wrote, "What!!! Pasha is leaving us!!! I am so sad. I hope that Danny will go home. *CRY*!!! So Sad!!! Still, I like Neil Haskell so vote for him. Can't believe that Neil is in the bottom 2, and not Danny. Danny, you have to go!!!"

On the flip side, the similarly-named Jonathan from NYC wrote, "sorry to say, but i support this decision. Pasha is a ballroom dancer and was extremely limited in other you really see him turning a technically correct triple pirouette anytime soon?"

Not everyone agrees that Danny needs to go.  Linda from California wrote, "I don't know why people are criticizing Danny. He is a pro, literally! He makes Neil look like a shoulder hunching lurch. Danny is not arogant he is confident and carries himself very well, as he should."

When it comes to the other male dancer, Neil, nearly no one seems to think he will or should win.  Slim from Hollywood wrote, "If Neil wins this via teeney-bopper appeal, it will be a degrade to what was an amazing season, for the other truly talented & diverse dancers."

Most of the focus, however, is one the women.  Corey from New Jersey represented many of the feelings in the posts: "Yeah, its gonna be a girl to win this season. Both of them are incredible."

For Lacey, most people think  her victory would be tainted as they see it's largely because her brother, Benji, was last year's winner.  Rob wrote, "Everyone knows Lacey Schwimmer is going to win. It's obvious. Just accept it. Lacey is ALWAYS safe. No matter what. 1. The producers want a FEMALE winner. 2. Lacey has that crazy Schwimmer Fan Base 3. Benji trashes the other contestants on his Reality Remix show THANK GOD there are no more Schwimmer kids."

Of course, some of the readers are even more disparaging about Lacey.  Kando from Santa Monica wrote, "Lacey is a goner. The so called sex appeal thing is getting old and stale! Give her a pole and send her packing."

Then there's Sabra, an anomale in the group.  Many BuddyTV readers have positive things to say about her, but, unlike all her competition, no one seems to have anything against her.  M from Los Angeles said it best: "Sabra deserves to be America's favorite dancer for a year (she's phenomenal) and then a very talented and successful professional dancer for as long as her ankles and knees can support her."

Of course, no reality show is complete without a little controversial showmance.  During the results show, Hannah from Tulsa notcied, "Am I right in thinking that Danny kissed Lauren during the goodbyes?"  CM added in even more analysis: "I saw Danny hug and hold Lauren for a very very long time. He also gave her a lengthy kiss on what seemed like her cheek, and then continued to hug and hold her for a while again afterward. Hmmm, quite curious!"

This naturally led to other posters questioning Danny's sexual orientation.  However, Jonathan from New York made the most eloquent point about how it shouldn't matter.  "Most of the male dancers are, like the stereotype,;s the truth.....Danny, Neil, even Travis from last season are gay, but it doesn't matter because they are great dancers!!! their work and talent speaks for them....But too bad they cant be open about it, as is the case in the entertainment industry (especially Hollywood), because homophobia triumphs still in most of this land and it could affect their careers."

What else do you think?  Is Sabra the favorite?  Is Lacey only in the final four because she dances like a stripper and her brother won last year?  Does anyone think Neil will or should win?

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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