So You Think You Can Dance: Doing the auditions right
So You Think You Can Dance makes its time slot debut tonight at 8PM ET/PT with a special two-hour audition episode.  Tomorrow, So You Think You Can Dance  will air one final audition episode (from Atlanta) before segueing into next week's Vegas round, where the judges will eliminate all but ten guys and ten girls.  So, if you're keeping score, So You Think You Can Dance is doing in five episodes what it takes American Idol five weeks to do: get out of the auditions and to the performance episodes.

A big part of the appeal to both Idol and So You Think You Can Dance is, admittedly, the audition episodes.  Something in our human nature brings us joy from watching, on national television, other humans fail miserably at something they believe they are good at.  It's an easy laugh, and all the producers have to do is set up a a camera and say, “Dance/Sing!”   The audition episodes are a no-brainer. 

But, in American Idol's case, the auditions get old.  There are only so many horrendous performances the audience can take over a month-long span.  So You Think You Can Dance understands this and mercifully cuts auditions far shorter than its singing counterpart.  Five episodes is just enough to enjoy the bad dancing and colorful characters of the auditions and not get sick of it.  By the end of the Idol auditions, it's hard not to feel guilty when laughing at the poor souls who can't sing a lick.  Five episodes is not enough for the guilt to sink in. Bad dancing is funnier anyway.

So You Think You Can Dance
travels to both Los Angeles and Chicago tonight in search for great dancers.  Let's hope they find some. 

Tonight, So You Think You Can Dance begins its permanent airing schedule, with Wednesday and Thursday episodes throughout the summer (exact time of airing varies).

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)