So You Think You Can Dance: Did Fergie Lip-Sync?
On the last So You Think You Can Dance results show (which was on Thursday, June 28), Fergie came on to perform her newest single “Glamorous”.  When well-known performers do their thing in front of a live national audience, it is generally accepted that they will actually, you know, sing the songs.  Live.  Unfortunately, it appears as if Fergie decided that maybe she didn't actually need to sing the chorus of her song.  That maybe if she just sang the verses, that would be an acceptable alternative.  It's not.  As someone who actively dislikes Fergie, I felt completely robbed of a chance to hear her terrible singing and subsequently mock it.   

Oh, sure.  She did sing the verses and those were horrendously awful.  Isn't that enough?  No, not really.  The hybrid singing/lip-syncing approach only makes for a uncomfortable performance.  With it, half the song is obviously lip-synced, but actually sounds good (“good”, in this case, is relative).  The other half is obviously not lip-synced, and therefore sounds abysmal.  It's an unacceptable dichotomy for a prime-time reality show.  Have we learned nothing from the lessons taught by Milli Vanilli and Ashlee Simpson?

In case you question my accusation of lip-syncing, here is the video of the performance.  Not only notice Fergie's mouth, but drink in how different the verses sound from the chorus. 

Now that everyone's on board the Fergie Is A Lip-Syncer Express, can someone explain why this seems to be a normal phenomenon these days?  Is it because today's pop music is so heavily produced that it's impossible for a performer to actually sing along to?  Is it because that record companies want to give the consumer the exact same product that's on the CDs? 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)