'So You Think You Can Dance' Cast Members Talk About Life On Tour
Recently, the So You Think You Can Dance tour made a stop in my home state.  At each stop the dancers make, a press conference is held and five of the top dancers attend.  They rotate on and off, so that they get a chance to get a break from what can be a very strenuous schedule.  On this particular stop, winner Sabra Johnson, runner up Danny Tidwell, and fellow dancers Lauren Gottlieb, Dominic Sandoval, and Jaimie Goodwin attended.  They spoke to BuddyTV about their favorite dances, life on tour, and what the future holds for them.

First, the dancers couldn't stop gushing about their new.  It is a new experience for them, traveling around the country and having fans scream their name wherever they go.  "It's definitely all new for us," said Goodwin.  "It's tiring but there's less stress."  Because they don't have to worry about eliminations, there is less time spent worrying and more time spent enjoying the tour, though it still can be exhausting at times.  "It's so rapid, going from place to place.  I can't even remember what day of the week it is," Tidwell admits.

Winner Sabra Johnson had a hard time picking a favorite dance that she performs.  "I love the table dance with Neil, the hip hop with Dominic, can I pick them all?" she asked.  Lauren's favorite is her angel/devil piece with Neil Haskell while Jaimie loves her hummingbird dance with Hok Konishi.  Danny loves his Mia Michaels choreographed routine with Neil as well as his samba with Lacey Schwimmer.  They are fans of each other's work too.  Dominic's favorite piece to watch on the tour is the contemporary between Lacey and Kameron Bink.

The dancers travel from city to city on buses and Goodwin told BuddyTV that the girls are on one bus and the boys are on another, which doesn't sit well with Gottlieb.  "The boys have video games," she said.  "I want to go play on their bus!"  After each show, the dancers make time to meet their fans.  "It's really cool," Tidwell told BuddyTV.  "I never expected their energy to be so high!" 

When the tour is over, some look forward to rest while some look forward to more work.  Jaimie and Dominic plan to take the holidays off, to spend time with friends and family.  Lauren is waiting to hear back on a high profile project that she had to remain tight-lipped about.  Sabra will look to get right into work.  "In January, I'll start looking at my options and planning.  Now, I can make a living at this," she said excitedly.  The So You Think You Can Dance tour wraps November 30 in Reno, NV.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer