So You Think You Can Dance 4: Top 6 Elimination Recap
Fans spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out who was going to go home on tonight’s elimination episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The top 6 danced beautifully on last night’s performance episode and the judges raved about each one of them. Tonight, guest judge Adam Shankman revealed a surprise. He’ll offer next week’s winner a featured role in his next film! The stakes are even higher than ever and nobody felt safe going into tonight’s episode.  It was pretty obvious which two dancers would be the first to move on to the finale but one of the eliminations ended up being a little more surprising than the other!  Read on for details on tonight's elimination episode of So You Think You Can Dance!

The judges decided that, before all was said and done tonight, they wanted to speak to the final 6 dancers. Nigel, Mary, and Adam told the contestants how proud they were of them and gave them advice for the future once the show is over. Nigel told them not to let rejection get to them, Mary wanted them to continue to grow, and Adam asked them to be kind to and appreciate their fans. Each of the 6 got the opportunity to perform their solos before finding out the results of last night’s votes.

Tonight's episode featured a pint sized breakdancer, only 6 years old, who took the stage to show off his moves and impressed everyone in the studio audience.  Also, Lady GaGa performed while the dancers waited to find out their fate.  Before the results were read, Nigel informed the dancers that each of them received over a million votes last night.  Cat revealed the first two dancers moving on to the finale.  To no one's surprise, it was Katee and Joshua, who have never landed in the bottom all season long. 

That meant that Courtney, Chelsie, Twitch, and Mark were all up for elimination.  First, we found out that Courtney, not Chelsie, would be moving on to the finale.  Chelsie had never landed in the bottom all season and it was a surprise to her family and fans that she would not dance next week.  Then, Cat delivered the bad news to Chelsie's original partner this season.  Mark was also leaving, which meant that Twitch moves on to the finale.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)