So You Think You Can Dance 4: Milwaukee Auditions Recap
So You Think You Can Dance concluded its preliminary auditions tonight by taking a trip into America's heartland.  Judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, who were joined tonight be husband and wife choreography duo Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo, journeyed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see what kind of talented dancers they could find there.

More importantly, we are now only one day away from the Las Vegas callback auditions when So You Think You Can Dance announces the top 20 dancers.  That's when things will get really good!

Although tonight's focus was on Milwaukee, there was some extra time at the beginning of the two hours to show some excellent performers who auditioned in other cities.  Roommates Katee Shean and Natalie Reid both impressed the judges with their contemporary/modern routines back in L.A. that they were both awarded with tickets to Vegas.  Also, in the Washington, D.C. auditions, Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde danced a phenomenal salsa routine together.  Both were asked back for choreography, but only Janette made it through to Vegas.

Nigel, Mary, Tabitha and Napoleon judged two days of auditions in a very snowy Milwaukee.  Some stand out performances included two tap dancers.  The first was Bianca Revels who has an impressive list of dance teachers and was immediately pushed through to the callback round.  The next was Lizz Plott, who tapped a cappella.  She is a two-time auditioner for So You Think You Can Dance, but this time, she danced her passion, which is tap.

Another strong performer was Kourni Lind, who brought her mom along for support.  She has excellent dance abilities and Nigel likened her style to that of Uma Thurman's as well.

A very memorable pair of friends auditioned tonight.  Yesenia Gomez and Philip Courter auditioned last year, but were both cut.  Yesenia changed her life around, lost 50 pounds, and came back to dance tonight, only to injure her knee in the middle of her routine.  The judges did not ask her back for choreography, but ordered her to get her knee checked out and to come back to audition again next year.  Philip, on the other hand, fared better.  He made it through the choreography round with a ticket to Vegas.

Raymond Love had a difficult time auditioning.  He performed a routine with a partner that he choreographed himself exquisitely.  However, he is a man of the cloth, and thus, uncomfortable portraying the sexuality and emotion that the judges were looking for.  They asked him back for choreography, but ultimately, he was sent home.

Tomorrow, So You Think You Can Dance goes to Vegas for the callback auditions.  At the end of tomorrow night's episode, we will finally find out who will be in the top 20.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)