Reader Reaction: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Final Performance
Last night was the last chance the four remaining dancer's on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance had to convince America that each deserved to be crowned America's Favorite Dancer, as well as a cash prize of a quarter of a million dollars.  Although the results will not be revealed until tonight's two-hour finale beginning at 8pm, BuddyTV readers hesitated not in predicting the outcome.

Many readers expected that ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer will not win and only made it to the final four because she is the sister of the last year's winner, Benji.

BoBo from Canada said, "I think [Lacey is] riding the coat tails of her brother.  She always expected everyone to cater to her & she really isn't that good. I mean she's ok - but I think a few other people deserved to be there longer than she has. I will be very, very disappointed if she wins the whole thing."

Not only that, many BuddyTV readers criticized the large-chinned dancer's sex appeal. 

Jen from Pittsburgh would be happy with any of the dancers winning except for Lacey.  "All she ever does is shake her butt and attempt to take her clothes off ... I always thought that was what you call a stripper, not a dancer," Jen wrote.

Frisco, Canada, agreed: "Lacey should just become a stripper! Or pole dancer!"

However, there are some Lacey-supporters among our readers.

An anonymous reader from Orlando agreed that Lacey might succeed as a pole dancer, but defended here nonetheless: "Lacy gets it hard because she has this seductive kind of sexiness but she is a beautiful dancer in all styles and does a whole lot more than gyrate or whatever else (I'm sure she wouldn't be a bad pole dancer)."

Tutu also liked her sex appeal and thought it made her a more accessible dancer.   "Lacey will win . . . because she makes normal people feel like they can become dancers.  Her style is more hair whipping, smiling, hiking up her skirt, all very tits & a-s which is something you don't need training for.  Sabra & Danny make the audience feel excluded from the dance community. They're from an elite club that not everyone can join," Tutu wrote.  Still, Tutu hopes for a Sabra- or Danny-win.

The BuddyTV readers who commented on Sabra and Lacey's fox dance disagreed with the judges, and rightly so.  It was an inventive and beautiful piece, choreographed by the genius who brought us the flower and hummingbird number that Hok and Jaime danced to in the past.

Canadian reader Samara said: "It's a pity that half the judges cant see a beautiful performance ... especially when one of the judges just copies what the other says..with her annoying laugh.."

Superfan from Tulsa agreed, not with the grating quality of judge Mary Murphy's rhythmic guffawing, but with Wade Robson's haunting choreography.  "I thought it was wonderfully choregraphed, costumed, and especially danced. It really stood out as something special and different," Superfan said.

Of course, everyone has his or her own favorite.

Billie from NYC: "In the end i'm really hoping Sabra will win ... she's truly a wonderful dancer, she's also funny and cute and loud, plus she's a woman .. yeah Sabra!"

Turt Smoof from Maryland: "Danny is by far the BEST dancer -- Sabra is definitely next -- Lacey is really good too, but I kind of agree with the stripper comment -- Neil is excellent, but I'd rate him last out of the four (I'd give him "most improved" though)."

Nick, NC: "I thought Danny's solo was flawlessly executed and beautiful. I just wish it had included something other than leaps and spins"

Jonathon: "Go Neil!!! You are super duper great. Everybody, please vote for him. I will so you should too. Go Neil!!!!"

One thing's for sure.  There is no question that each of the four dancers is extremely talented, and BuddyTV readers agree.  Southerntippi from Louisiana marked the overall improvement of talent from season's past: "Wow, I just rewatched the group number. That was fantastic. It just shows how much the talent has improved over last year. . . . The top four last year never could have pulled this number off as a cohesive group."

Tune in tonight to find out who Can Dance.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Photo courtesy of FOX)