Nigel, Mary, and Cat Talk Season 6 of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance is just around the corner, dance fans and Nigel, Mary, and Cat have something to say about it. America's Favorite Dance trio took some time out of their busy schedules to chat with Access Hollywood about what season 6 has in store for us all, including some new touches.

Producer, head judge and number one creepy uncle, Nigel Lythgoe, says that So You Think You Can Dance fans can expect much of the same from their favorite show, but that he hopes to make a few changes to improve season 6. Lythgoe says that he hopes to add a secondary competition to the results show, to decrease the amount of filler and increase the amount of dancing. (Sounds great to us, Nigel!) He hopes it will be some sort of dance troop competition, featuring different genres. Undeterred by our dislike of all things Katie Holmes dance performance, Nigel says he hopes to bring on more celebrities to perform routines this season as well. (It can't all be good news...)

Lastly, Lythgoe also hopes to add an extra episode on to the season, which takes the time to introduce us properly to the entire Top 20.

"Another change I'd like to make is introducing that Top 20. Because again we get so many complaints with both this and Idol, that they've seen certain members of the Top 20 but they haven't seen them all. They don't know who they are. I would love to do a Top 20 show where they're not in competition. They're just showing us what their style is and how good they are and how deserving they are of being in the Top 20, and then start the competition a week later."
This plan isn't without it's pitfalls though, notes Nigel. The reason some dancers are focused on he says, isn't to promote producer favorites, but because some people have interesting stories, while others are just boring. Still, I'm with the rest of the dance fans who'd like some sort of introduction to all of the Top 20, sob stories or not. So, hopefully we will be seeing a "Get to Know the Top 20" special before this season's first performance show.

After speaking to creepy uncle Nigel, it's time to chat with everyone's favorite screamer, Mary Murphy. Mary seems as kooky as ever, giggling nervously. She's also excited for season 6 and says they've already determined the winner, before launching into a classic Mary Murphy half fake out. Huge spoiler guys: "it'll be someone who danced in Vegas." Oh no! The half fake outs are contagious!!

Besides that, Mary doesn't have a care or worry in the world about sharing the Tuesday night time slot with Dancing with the Stars. For Mary, the more dance on TV the better. Plus, she's excited because apparently TV's two biggest dance shows share the same studio and she hopes to flit between DWTS and SYTYCD. Seeing that there's a lot of cross over between the shows, hopefully she can pop in and say hi to some former So You Think You Can Dance alumni turned Dancing With the Stars pros.

Lastly, it's a brief chat with our adorable dance kitten about her 5th season with the show. Cat chats about some potential changes in the judges panel, including the possibility of new celebrity guest judges becoming more frequent. Apparently she though Ellen nailed it.  Of course and as always, everything Cat says sounds infinitely more charming with her accent, so I recommend you watch for yourself below. Apologies to our non-US readers, who aren't able to view Hulu videos.

Does this video get you more excited for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance? Or are you dreading the possibility of Kristen Stewart's Twilight themed tap routine? (Actually, THAT I would pay to see.)

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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