Nigel Lythgoe Tweets: 'Absolutely Incredible' Talent This Year
Nigel Lythgoe Tweets: 'Absolutely Incredible' Talent This Year
Judging from his posts on his Twitter page shortly after last night's So You Think You Can Dance aired, you can say Nigel Lythgoe is a busy, busy tweeter.

He took to Twitter to express confidence in this season's finalists -- and maybe confirm what we've all seen on the spoilers over the weekend:



He also mentions a little rule change this year: with the All-Stars coming in, finalists do not pick genres out of the magic hat, but instead pick dancers. Randomly, of course:


Finally, he also took to the website to answer a question that some of you had after last week's premiere: one of the auditioners, Henry Byalikov -- the guy from Burn the Floor, if you may recall -- finished fourth on the Australian version of SYTYCD. Someone called Nigel out on it and he clarifies that it's perfectly within the rules:


I have this weird feeling we'll spend part of this season figuring out the new rules. Fingers crossed it works out just fine.

(Image courtesy of FOX)